Around the Web: Problematic Print. Mail Merch. Code Complaints. Display Developments. Textile Tech. Meteorology Melee. Cream Confusion. Galaxy Gazing. Table Tournament. Gravy Grappling.

Gerard Ortiz

What is a print-based physical disability? Play the USPS’s new Great American Mail Race board game. What is the future of QR code menus? The Bigme InkNote Color brings E Ink devices closer to competing with LED-based tablets. AI illustrates lyric music videos. New graphene-based “smart textiles” hit the market. […]

Bread Beauty Supply Hair Cream Review 2022

Gerard Ortiz

Knots, dryness, and countless product or service tests have wreaked havoc on my organic hair‚ but my desire in Bread Splendor Supply’s Hair Product was piqued right after the brand’s hero item went viral on social media. The formula is reported to work miracles on all-natural hair, maintaining it delicate […]

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