30 Flattering Haircuts For Women In Their 30s

Gerard Ortiz

There comes an age when many women decide it’s time to make a change to their hairstyle, and for many women, that age is 30. The 30s feel like the time to change things up by going for a drastic cut, honing a signature style, or graduating to a more sophisticated cut, especially if they’ve been wearing basically the same hairstyle since their late teens.

Many women are led to believe that, once they hit their 30s, they need to chop their hair short and go for something more practical than those long, beachy waves they have been wearing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, the haircut that will look the best on you at any age is the one that works with your face shape and hair texture. The good news is that as women get older, they discover what they like and how their hair behaves, making it easier to select a haircut that will be flattering and functional.

If you’ve been looking for some hair inspiration lately and don’t really feel like grabbing the scissors for your own DIY cut like those we’ve seen on TikTok, we’ve got some awesome ideas for you. Here are 30 flattering haircuts for women in their 30s that will have you running to your stylist.

The sexy bob

There is no haircut more classic than a bob. It’s a cut that will never go out of style — and one that looks good no matter what your age. Haircut specialist Dyana Nematalla tells Mane Addicts that a blunt, sexy bob works best on straight hair, and if you tend to have thicker hair, have your stylist cut it “a little beveled towards the bottom to prevent it from getting too heavy.”

The shag

The shag haircut has definitely had a moment over the last year, reminding everyone why this is such a great look. The layering of the cut helps to take weight out of the hair while highlighting your face and requires less maintenance than other styles. This is a great cut if you’re looking for something a little less structured and edgy. So, why not try out a shag haircut at your next salon visit?

The French bob

The French bob is the classic bob’s shorter, chicer cousin. Inspired by the shorter bobs that were so popular in the 1920s, this look is typically cut around the jawline, with textured ends and bangs. It looks sophisticated and sexy while also being low maintenance and versatile. This is a perfect cut for someone who really wants to make a drastic change. It’s also apt for someone who simply wants to update their look.

The butterfly cut

If you’ve been on TikTok at all recently, you’ve no doubt witnessed scores of women taking hair guru Brad Mondo’s advice and giving themselves a butterfly cut. Whether you’re tempted to DIY this cut or trust your stylist, this is one look that is flattering at every length and is a great way to break up your all-one-length hair with just the right number of layers. We particular recommend the butterfly cut if you have long hair!

Mid-length beachy waves

Beachy waves aren’t just for the summer. They’re a great way to take your mid-length hair from simple to sophisticated. Ask your stylist to give you longer layers to help achieve these gorgeous, voluminous waves, and invest in a good texturizing spray to help keep the style all day long. This is a great haircut for those who are trying to grow out their hair or just want to add some volume.


Bangs are one of the biggest trends every year and are one of the easiest ways to change your look. Adding bangs helps draw attention to your eyes and truly creates a different vibe to your haircut. If you’re not sure if bangs are for you, invest in a clip-on pair first, like Khloé Kardashian did for a recent photo shoot, and experiment before making the cut.

Sassoon bob

One of the classic power haircuts, the Sassoon bob is a stunning variation of the classic bob. Cut to be longer in the front and shorter in the back, the Sassoon bob is more about blunt cut ends and a sharp angle than other styles that feature more layering. Celebrity hairstylist Jessica Elbaum told Family Proof this cut is “chic, timeless, and looks great on everyone.”

The pixie cut

The pixie cut will always be in style, but adding just a bit more volume and length than a traditional, super short pixie is perfect for women in their 30s because it’s still soft and versatile. You can wear this look slicked and sleek or with a bit more volume. Asking for some wispy ends or choppy bangs can give you even more styling options.

Long layers

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear long hair once you hit your 30s. Luxurious, styled long hair with layers is rising as a big trend. Whether you like to wear your hair straight or with some wave to it, long hair with long layers will give you the hair that others covet.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs have been one of the most popular styles of bangs over the last year for good reasons. Not only do these bangs give you some softness and movement around the face, but they can also instantly change the look of your hairstyle and add a bit of maturity. The best part is they’re lower maintenance than a shorter, blunt-cut bang and can be swept to the side if you decide to grow them out.

The curve cut

A great way to wear your long hair is the curve cut. Expert stylist Tyler Moore of Live True London explained how to get this stunning look, saying, “It’s achieved by cutting the hair in a ‘U’ or ‘V’ shape with plenty of layers, giving the illusion of shorter hair at the front if desired.” Moore also adds that this is the perfect cut if you’re looking to grow your hair while still giving it some shape and style. 

The side part

Let Gen Z have their middle part; the side part is made for Millennials! A side part works with any haircut and is a nice change from the middle part, which has reigned supreme for the last year or so. “It suddenly makes things feel fresh and new, especially with a bob,” stylist George Northwood declared to Glamour.

The undercut

The undercut has gone semi-mainstream recently because it’s not only a great way to tame unruly tresses but also incredibly cool. Whether you choose a traditional undercut at the back of your head or a peek-a-boo at the side, an undercut is a great way to modernize your haircut and add an element of surprise.

The modern Rachel

The Rachel haircut, named after Jennifer Aniston’s “Friends” character, consists of a lot of choppy layers framing the face. This style is still impacting trends today, with the modern take on this popular cut making a resurgence. Lots of layers and face-framing bangs pair well with this shoulder/mid-length cut that looks good on everyone. The Rachel is just one of the ’90s hairstyles we’ll be seeing everywhere, but it’s a great one to try out for something timelessly fresh.

Embrace the curls

The best part about being in your 30s is the confidence that comes with age. While you may have spent most of your teens and 20s trying to tame your curls, your 30s is the perfect time to embrace them! Ask your stylist to add some face-framing layers or longer layers to stack your curls to get the most out of this stunning style.

The Italian bob

Another variation of this classic cut is the Italian bob. This cut is so great because it’s just long enough to be worn up or down, can be worn with any sort of part, looks amazing from being dried naturally or styled, and the chunky ends give it lots of movement. Typically, the Italian bob is cut just under the chin, giving it just the right hint of sophistication.

Curly shag

Another amazing way to wear your curly hair is with a shag cut. Typically, we see this cut on those with straight or wavy hair, but it’s a gorgeous way to show off those natural curls. In fact, a shag cut is meant to work with your natural curls and texture, making it the ideal cut for those with curly hair.

The wavy lob

The long bob, otherwise known as the lob, is a great cut for those who don’t want to go as short as a traditional bob but still love the versatility and classic shape of the cut. Adding in some waves gives the hair some added movement and volume. This is a style that looks great tucked behind the ears or loose around the face.

Pixie with choppy fringe

Once you hit your 30s, you may be ready to experiment a little more with your hair than you did in your 20s, and there’s nothing more bold, powerful, and chic than a pixie cut. We love how this traditional pixie has a choppy fringe and longer sideburns, creating a crisp, clean cut that gives off total boss vibes.

Longer layers with curtain bangs

You don’t have to go for the big chop once you reach your 30s, but you may want to add some long layers to add a bit more shape to your hair. Pairing these layers with longer curtain bangs gives you enough versatility to wear your hair up or down and also allows you to not be overwhelmed by your hair if you decide to grow it out.

Short bob with undercut and pop of color

Being in your 30s doesn’t mean your days of experimenting with different hair colors have come to an end! We absolutely adore the look of this rose-pink French bob with a side undercut. This is a style that would work for both daytime and nighttime and will allow you to show off your personality through your hair.

The modern mullet

The mullet has become increasingly popular over the last year and is the ultimate cool girl cut. It takes a lot of confidence to wear a cut like this, which is perfect for someone in their 30s. “This is the cut that says, ‘I don’t care what people think about me.’ It takes a certain amount of courage and attitude to carry off a haircut like that,” celebrity stylist Harry Josh tells Glamour.

The Kelly cut

What do you get when you combine a bowl cut with a mullet? You get a Kelly cut, which is perfect for anyone who wants something a bit edgier than a traditional cut. This is a great cut for those who are looking to grow out their hair while maintaining some shape and style. 

Long hair

Super long hair will never go out of style no matter what your age. The length gives you so much versatility when it comes to styling options. You can wear it up, down, wavy, or straight, and you can experiment with endless looks. Add a pop of color for a fun twist.

Bottleneck bangs

If you’ve been tempted to try bangs but don’t want to go for a traditional fringe — and curtain bangs aren’t your style — you may want to try bottleneck bangs. These mimic the shape of a bottleneck, so they’re narrower near your forehead and wider toward your cheekbones. These look good on almost every face shape and hair texture and are less of a commitment than traditional bangs.

The midi flick

The midi flick is a mid-length cut that allows your ends to flick up if you choose, adding a bit of a retro flair to your haircut. Typically cut just below the collarbone, stylist Tom Smith explains that this cut is “great for adding volume and texture as the support of the shoulder helps give the hair lift and movement.”

70s glam

Go big or go home with this 70s glam look. Long layers can be blown out to big, bouncy waves that give us major 70s vibes. This look is also super versatile because if you don’t want to style your hair with so much volume, you don’t have to and it will still look amazing.

Curly pixie

Show off your curls with a cute, short pixie cut. Curly hair is perfect for a pixie cut because it requires so much less styling. The natural curl and texture of your hair are ideal for this short haircut. This is also great if you don’t like to spend a lot of time on your hair or you struggle with taming your curly tresses.

Short and choppy

We love this short and choppy look actress Florence Pugh wore for a recent fashion campaign. Take your shag cut even shorter to create this cool, choppy look that is the epitome of chic and edgy. Longer layers on the top give you versatility while the shaggy, short back gives you styling ease, all while looking super cool. 

The textured bob

The bob is such a classic cut, so it’s no wonder we’ve seen so many different variations, but the textured bob really allows you to work with your own hair to create a cut that moves how you want it to with minimal styling. The subtle shaping of this look makes it ideal if you prefer to let your hair air dry, too.

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