’90s fashion trends are back – here’s how to wear them

Gerard Ortiz

Fashion is nothing if not cyclical and this time it’s ’90s fashion trends making their mark on the fashion world once again. Dungarees, slip dresses and logo bags are back, thankfully, all with a contemporary twist. 

If you did ’90s fashion trends the first time around, the mention of the decade’s return might cause some understandable fear. An eclectic era for fashion, from the in-your-face girl power style of The Spice Girls to grunge taking over the runways, the fashion world took inspiration from the music and films of the period for one of the biggest fall 2022 fashion trends. Reincarnating a host of looks that many of us would rather see the back of – we’re looking at you ultra low-rise jeans – there are, luckily, plenty of ways to wear the latest ’90s fashion trends with a refreshing and grown-up feel. 

Dungarees, slip dresses and branded sportswear have over the years become true fashion staples, while mesh tops and logo bags have seen a resurgence in recent years too and all are boosted by the ’90s reboot. As with many trends, designers took inspiration from their archives to revive this look with fashion houses including Versace, Dior and Gucci all breathing new life into past heroes for a modern twist. 

90s fashion trends

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