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Gerard Ortiz

They say “beauty is pain” but at Ulta, it really doesn’t have to be that way at all.

Even the most beauty-obsessed shopper may not know, but Ulta Beauty has a few extra tricks up their sleeves when it comes to making you look and feel your very best. Did you know that inside some of their stores, there is a full-service salon?

Now you know, and we advise you make an appointment ASAP, as after we reviewed the hair, makeup and brow services ahead of New York Fashion Week, we highly recommend a night of pampering for yourself.

Not near an Ulta Beauty Salon, or want to try your hand at a DIY? We have you covered, as during the services, we recorded each and every product and step along the way, helping you recreate the salon services at home.

Ulta Beauty Salon Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar

A before and after of brow wax
After not trimming or shaping my brows (top) for weeks, you can see the tremendous difference in my brow shape after the service (bottom)
Sophie Cannon

Bushy, slim, arched or straight, brows of all shapes and sizes are welcome at the Ulta Beauty Salon. In many stores, the brow services are done outside the salon, at the Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar by their full shelf of products. My brows needed a wax and a trim ($22 for the service), and so I allowed my brow expert go to work. She mapped out my perfect shape, waxed the larger parts and then trimmed them up with scissors and tweezers. Afterward, don’t forget the calming serum, as my face was pretty red afterward due to my fair complexion.

1. Precisely, My Brow Pencil Eyebrow Definer, $25

An eyebrow pencil
Ulta Beauty

This pencil was used to map my brows, meaning measuring and marking what hair to keep and what to wax off for the perfect and symmetrical shape. However, you can also use this product to fill in your brows after your wax, combing through the product with the spoolie side of the pencil.

2. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer, $24

A pink tweezer
Ulta Beauty

After a wax, clean up all the stray hairs with this precision tweezer. I find that these tweezers grab on to the hair the best, and don’t force me to tug the hair out causing irritation.

3. Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel, $26

A silver brow gel
Ulta Beauty

Once all done, set and tint your brows with this eyebrow gel. I loved how it applied easily to my brows, not clumping or appearing too dark.

4. Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair, $54

A white cream
Ulta Beauty

This soothing cream made all the difference when applied to my red skin post-wax. It instantly calmed the redness and made it easy to then apply makeup overtop, serving as a moisturizer and primer.

Ulta Beauty Hair Cut and Styling

A head of brown curled hair
I got a trim, wash and style, with long curls down my back. I was impressed by how long they stayed, as I wore them again the next night!
Sophie Cannon

Chop chop! Time to get a haircut? If you’re like me, I rarely get trims for lack of time and money, but the salon at Ulta Beauty is a game changer. The stylists are amazing and the prices aren’t too bad either, especially for New York, with prices starting at just $40. This is worth it if only for your stylist giving you the best shampoo of your life, but it’s also great for a professional style (starting at $30) before weddings, birthdays or Fashion Week.

1. Nick Stenson Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, $34 each

Two black shampoos and conditioners
Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty always uses the best smelling products, and this Nick Stenson duo was no different. I loved the soothing aloe and shea butter, helping to repair my locks from the dry winter weather.

2. Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Detangler Hairbrush, $15

A pink hair brush
Ulta Beauty

I’ve been known to have tangled hair, even right after a good brushing. The Tangle Teezer is one of my favorites, as it somehow can get through my mess of curls and tangles with ease, especially in the hands of a professional, of course.

3. Nick Stenson Volume Créme, $36

A white hair cream
Ulta Beauty

To keep with the same yummy smell and ultimate moisture, I was then scrunched up with the volume creme, made to help keep some oomph in my roots once my hair was dry and curled.

4. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer, $90

A blue hair dryer
Ulta Beauty

I couldn’t find the exact blowdryer used in the salon, but this one is a fan favorite. For a straight blow out or perfect, soft curls, use this blowdryer with a round ceramic brush for the best results.

5. Nick Stenson Light Hold Hair Spray, $34

A pink hairspray bottle
Ulta Beauty

To finish it off, hairspray is a must! My stylist used the Nick Stenson one to match the rest of my routine, but I also love the CHI brand for an extra-long hold, too.

Ulta Beauty Makeup Services

Sophie with makup on
I wanted to be sure to include a closeup of my skin, as I was shocked that despite having a full face of makeup on, I didn’t look cakey at all!
Sophie Cannon

I really don’t think I have looked this good — ever! I was put into the amazing hands of my makeup artist and really let him dictate the look. However, all stylists are very open to you vision, just make sure to come with an idea! Lessons start at $30, while a full-glam session costs $60.

1. Black Girl Sunscreen Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, $16

A black sunscreen
Ulta Beauty

This sunscreen is perfect for all skin colors and types, providing a great base layer as well as sun protection.

2. Ulta Beauty Everyday Faves Eyeshadow Palette, $20

A brown eyeshadow pallet
Ulta Beauty

I personally love a great neutral pallet and this Ulta brand set had all the matte and shiny colors I use daily and for a night out.

3. Too Faced Born This Way Sunset Stripped Complexion-Inspired Eye Shadow Palette, $52

A brown eyeshadow pallet
Ulta Beauty

Turn up the volume on a neutral eye look with these shimmer colors from Too Faced. The darkest shade is great for a smoky eye, while the lighter colors can be used as a highlight in the inner corners.

4. MAC Brushstroke Eyeliner, $24

A black liner
Ulta Beauty

Eyeliner can make or break a look. Get a perfect precise line with this MAC liquid liner, used to create a sharp cat-eye look on my eyes.

5. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, $32

A concealer
Ulta Beauty

After your eyes, go back and spot treat any marks or acne with this concealer. I used shade Vanilla, but take a look at the other 29 shades to see if yours is in stock.

6. Ulta Beauty Too Cheeky Lip & Cheek Color Stick, $12

A pink cheek tint
Ulta Beauty

Feeling cheeky? Then use this two-in-one product from Ulta Beauty, for both your cheeks as a blush and on lips for a nice pop of pink.

7. Ulta Beauty Faux Glow Matte Bronzer, $10

A highlighter
Ulta Beauty

Get your glow on, even in the winter, with Faux Glow. The bronzer is also matte, making for a pore-less effect I love when going out.

8. Ulta Beauty Mineral Blush, $12

A blush
Ulta Beauty

For a bit more rosy color as a last step, add a swipe of Ulta Beauty Mineral Blush, available in eight shades of pink.

9. Telescopic Lift Washable Mascara, $15

A black mascara
Ulta Beauty

This mascara completely changed my look, adding endless volume to my already long lashes. I especially liked that the applicator left no clumps, even after a few coats.

10. Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil, $40

A highlighter
Ulta Beauty

Shine bright like an actual diamond courtesy of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line. I used shade “How Many Carats?!” and truly have no idea, since I was sparkling all night.

11. Ulta Beauty Automatic Lip Liner, $8

A lip liner
Ulta Beauty

I was a skeptic at first, but lip liner really can make or break a look. Use a matching shade of lipstick from below for a perfect pout that lasted all night.

12. Ulta Beauty Luxe Lipstick, $10

A lipstick
Ulta Beauty

Complete the look with a creamy lipstick, overtop the liner above. Choose your favorite shade, or collect them all for just $10 each.

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