Black Leadership Advisory Council highlights legislative progress on CROWN Act in Detroit Free Press article, virtual town hall

Gerard Ortiz

Laws aims to safeguard Michiganders from hair-centered discrimination LANSING, Mich. — The Black Management Advisory Council (BLAC) joined Sen. Sarah Anthony to highlight the worth of the recently launched CROWN (Developing a Respectful and Open up Entire world for Normal hair) Act, aimed at eradicating hair discrimination and removing limitations to […]

Inspired by ‘Black wellness’ and the Crown Act, Spokane hairstylist Kameishi ‘Meme’ Williams opens first independent salon chair

Gerard Ortiz

At Sola Salon Studios, hairstylist Kameishi “Meme” Williams, business proprietor of The Sanctuary Splendor and Wellness, is dancing with herself to early 2000s R&B on a common Wednesday. She embodies the spirit of your favored hairstylist. Hilarious and outgoing, she understands how to deliver an personal room. “Hair stylists – […]

Why the CROWN Act Is Needed | BU Today

Gerard Ortiz

Imagine, for one moment, that we dwell in an alternate universe in which employer and college grooming procedures that ban “unprofessional” or “faddish” hairstyles are routinely employed as a explanation for firing, or refusing to hire, men and women with naturally straight hair. The normative regular for hair in this […]

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