Researchers develop coating that prevents synthetic fabrics from shedding harmful microplastics in the wash

Gerard Ortiz

A crew of scientists at the College of Toronto have created a resolution to cut down the amount of microplastic fibres shed when washing synthetic materials.    In a entire world swamped by quickly manner – an business that makes a superior-quantity of cheaply created garments at an immense value to the environment – more than […]

Elon University / Today at Elon / Junior engineers partner with local textile company to develop sustainable dyes

Gerard Ortiz

A staff of 3rd-yr engineering majors led by Vivian Krause ’24 and mentored by Assistant Professor of Engineering Jonathan Su is collaborating with Burlington’s Sound Point out Apparel and TS Patterns to come across the best way to protect all-natural dyes. An Elon engineering major’s independent exploration into sustainable dyes […]

Researchers develop a comfortable, form-fitting fabric that recognizes its wearer’s activities, like walking, running, and jumping — ScienceDaily

Gerard Ortiz

Making use of a novel fabrication approach, MIT scientists have manufactured smart textiles that snugly conform to the body so they can perception the wearer’s posture and motions. By incorporating a special variety of plastic yarn and utilizing warmth to marginally melt it — a system termed thermoforming — the […]

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