Functional textiles: An alternative to antibiotics

Gerard Ortiz

Credit: University of Borås Tuser Biswas conducts research that aims to create fashionable clinical textiles that are superior for both equally the environment and human health and fitness. Textiles with antimicrobial properties could lessen the use of antibiotics. On February 28, Tuser Biswas defended his doctoral thesis Enzyme Printed Fabrics: […]

Paper Cutouts Look Like Intricate Textiles

Gerard Ortiz

Classic textiles are reimagined in paper variety via beautiful creations by Ibbini Studio. Based in Abu Dhabi, artist Julia Ibbini and computer system scientist Stéphane Noyer have merged their know-how into a unique follow that brings together present-day digital structure with standard craftsmanship. Their series of sculptural will work aspect […]

Toxic Textiles: The Chemicals in Our Clothing

Gerard Ortiz

Just about every week, the news labels a distinctive consumable as “bad for you.” This craze can be witnessed in our food items, drugs, and consuming drinking water. All of which have been explained as riddled with carcinogens, hormone disruptors, eternally substances, and poisons. Unsurprisingly, all these hazardous chemical substances […]

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