The Best 28 Best Antique and Vintage Wedding Bands of 2022

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Courtesy of Antique Jewelry Mall

The perfect wedding band is one that looks right sitting alongside your engagement ring, but is also striking enough to be worn on its own. If you want a ring that is beautifully detailed and is sure to stand out in a crowd, then a vintage or antique wedding band is worth looking into. While modern and contemporary rings tend to veer more simple, vintage and antique pieces typically feature intricate designs and unique details that are truly one-of-a-kind.

These older bands tend to also have an interesting history behind them, and it can feel a little extra special to wear a ring that was once owned by someone else. Additionally, vintage and antique bands are the ultimate sustainable jewelry: they embody recycling and reusing at their best.

Be careful about wording when searching for this style of wedding band. There are many “vintage style” or “antique-inspired” rings out there, but these just mimic the old-fashioned styles and are not legitimately vintage.

Below is a collection of beautiful vintage and antique bands you can buy now. Just remember: since these are one-of-a-kind pieces, they are much more likely to sell out faster.

Vintage Diamond Ring Platinum Criss Cross Diamond Wedding Band

Courtesy of Vintage Diamond Ring

Hailing from the 1980s, this band is barely vintage, so it feels both older and a bit more modern. It features five bright white, criss-cross cut diamonds and sits in a platinum setting. Versatile and fairly simple, this one will work with most engagement rings.

Doyle & Doyle Vintage Tiffany & Co. Wedding Band Ring

Courtesy of Doyle & Doyle

Although it’s unclear what year this wedding band is from, it’s clearly on the older side. This platinum band features a knife-edge detail, giving it an interesting and unique shape.

Victor Barbone Louis Pearl Band

Courtesy of V. Barbone

It’s not often that you see a pearl wedding band, and this gorgeous option will make you wonder why. This ring is an authentic antique from the Victorian Era circa 1890, featuring 10 natural pearls and a split shank band. It’s delicate, feminine, and perfect for stacking.

Antique Jewelry Mall 1920’s Vintage Art Deco Carved Heirloom Wedding Ring

Courtesy of Antique Jewelry Mall

The geometric elements make it clear that this ring is from the Art Deco era of the 1920s. Milgrain engraved edges allow this gorgeous piece to feel a little extra special, but overall, it evokes simplicity at its finest.

Filigree Jewelers Art Deco Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

Courtesy of Filigree Jewelers

This Art Deco ring from the 1920s features baguette diamonds in a channel setting, all on a platinum band. Sleek and sporty, this one is great for stacking and works well with most engagement rings.

Eragem 1930’s Platinum Antique Engraved Wedding Band

Courtesy of EraGem

Subtle engravings on this platinum ring keep it from being too simple, and you really need to look close to see the details. This one is slim and easy to stack, but the site does note that it shows heavy wear.

The Three Graces English Plain Gold Wedding Band of 1987

Courtesy of The Three Graces

Although it’s technically a few years off from being vintage, this wide gold wedding band is still on the older side. We love the large band and the simplicity of the yellow gold.

Victor Barbone Tiffany and Co. Blaise Ring

Courtesy of V. Barbone

This vintage Tiffany and Co. ring is from the 1930s, and features old European cut diamonds with a transitional cut stone. A platinum setting and open filigree make it a beautiful choice.

Vintage Diamond Ring Transitional Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Courtesy of Vintage Diamond Ring

This striking eternity band was made for someone who wants to add a lot of sparkle to their finger. It was crafted in the 1960s, and features a platinum band and 24 transitional cut diamonds.

Leigh Jay & Co. Open Work Diamond Band Ring

Courtesy of Leigh Jay & Co

The detail and design of this ring, which was created in 1956, are extremely interesting. There are 22 small single-cut diamonds for some sparkle, and the open work design makes it obvious that it’s a vintage heirloom.

Estate Diamond Jewelry Vintage Buccellati Band

Courtesy of Estate Diamond Jewelry

Created in 1980 by Mario Buccellati, this stunning piece of jewelry is not for the faint of heart. Between the elaborate detailing, a leaf design, a mix of yellow and white gold, and a slew of small diamonds, this ring really has it all.

Erstwhile Edwardian Diamond and Seed Pearl Half Band

Courtesy of Erstwhile

The pearl as the center stone of this wedding band is really what sets it apart from other options. Made with old-cut diamonds, gold, and platinum, this Edwardian ring is from 1915 and is just absolutely stunning.

Doyle & Doyle Antique Edwardian Patterned Wedding Band

Courtesy of Doyle & Doyle

Those looking for a non-traditional wedding band will love this one, which is from 1908 and features celestial-like details. The yellow gold wide band pops on its own, but the star-like etchings are out of this world.

Victor Barbone Half Hoop Lola Ring

Courtesy of V. Barbone

Add a little color to your wedding ring with this vintage number from the 1960s. The emeralds add something special, and the checkerboard design of emeralds and diamonds provides a very vintage look.

Filigree Jewelers Vintage Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Courtesy of Filigree Jewelers

This mid-century band is a lovely mix of older and newer styles. The bold, ornate prongs of the seven diamonds will add an extra element to the antique design.

Fred Leighton Antique 14K Yellow Gold Flower Engraved Wedding Band

Courtesy of Fred Leighton

This antique yellow gold ring features the most beautiful floral detailing. We love how it’s wide enough to stand on its own, but would also look lovely with a slim engagement ring.

Vintage Diamond Ring Two Tone 3 Stone Illusion Set Old European Cut Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Vintage Diamond Ring

This is actually an engagement ring from the 1940s, but it could easily be worn as an elaborate wedding band today. The three-diamond ring, featuring a large center stone flanked by two side stones, represents a couple’s past, present, and future together.

Doyle & Doyle Vintage Patterned Wedding Band

Courtesy of Doyle & Doyle

The floral design and scalloped edges of this intricate wedding band make it a feminine option. The mixed metals are so pretty, to boot.

Antique Jewelry Mall Guilford Filigree Art Deco Diamond Wedding Band

Courtesy of Antique Jewelry Mall

This is a one-of-a-kind heirloom Art Deco ring from the 1920s, and it’s both simple and detailed. What we admire the most is that the wide band leaves plenty of room for a classic filigree design.

Filigree Jewelers Men’s Deco Orange Blossom Wedding Band

Courtesy of Filigree Jewelers

This men’s Art Deco wedding band features etchings of orange blossoms and has a boxy profile. And although it’s highlighted as a ring for men, it’s the perfect piece for anyone looking for a unique style.

Victor Barbone Aimle Pearl Band

Courtesy of V. Barbone

Another beautiful pearl option, this one features five pearls in yellow gold with intricate engraved details. It’s a Victorian Era ring from 1890 and is one of the older options out there.

Estate Diamond Jewelry Daleville Band

Courtesy of Estate Diamond Jewelry

This Art Deco band from 1925 features an eternity row of old mine cut diamonds. Faded milgrain borders give this ring extra detail that looks so good.

The Three Graces Hearts Afire Gold Wedding Band

Courtesy of The Three Graces

The centerpiece of this ring features a row of white gold hearts interlinked. The hearts obviously represent love, and we like the mixed metal look on this one as well.

Erstwhile Art Deco Baguette Diamond Eternity Band

Courtesy of Erstwhile

If you want a mix of modern and antique, this band is a great pick! Featuring an eternity band of baguette diamonds, you’ll be sure to wear this piece until the end of time

Filigree Jewelers Tiffany and Co. Etoile Diamond Wedding Band

Courtesy of Filigree Jewelers

Not too old, yet not very new, this 1970s, original Tiffany and Co. wedding band is everything you’d want in a vintage piece of jewelry. The small diamonds set throughout the band give it an old-world feel, but the classic design makes it timeless.

Leigh Jay & Co. Vintage Wedding Band

Courtesy of Leigh Jay & Co.

Four Marquise diamonds make beautiful embellishments on this wider band, featuring a unique swerving shape. . This one would look good on its own or paired with an engagement ring.

Erstwhile Late Art Deco Trinity Gold Wedding Band

Courtesy of Erstwhile

From 1936, this band features one white gold band, one yellow gold band, and one rose gold band fused together to create a beautiful ring of mixed metals. It’s different and not too overwhelming.

The Antique Parlour Vintage Retro Platinum Hammerman Brothers Diamond Half Eternity Band Ring

Courtesy of The Antique Parlor

This old Hammerman Brothers ring features seven sparkling diamonds and a lot of detail and texture. Slim and glittering, it’s the perfect accompaniment to most engagement rings.

What to Look For When Choosing an Antique or Vintage Wedding Band


When it comes to vintage and antique wedding bands, the details are all in the design. Since these rings are one-of-a-kind pieces, it’s important to pay attention to the exact design elements in order to find a piece that truly speaks to you and your style.


As far as pricing goes, these styles can sometimes be considerably cheaper, especially if they don’t include gemstones like diamonds (and many don’t). Of course, there are more expensive options, but it all depends on what you’re looking for. Set your budget first, then use that as a starting point to narrow down the options. 


  • Unsurprisingly, an older engagement ring is likely to require a bit more TLC. Design elements can wear with time, so it’s important to discuss with your jeweler the best ways to take care of your ring.

  • Antique implies the piece of jewelry is over 100 years old, whereas vintage is something that’s categorized as at least 40 years old.

  • Because a vintage ring comes in just one size, if you choose to get it resized many retailers will not accept returns. Always check with your jeweler to ensure a ring can be returned, if necessary.

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