11 best hair products to treat thinning hair in 2022

Gerard Ortiz

At some point in all of our lives, our hair starts to get a bit thinner. If your once-thick mane looks a tad sparse these days, there’s no reason to panic.

“As we grow older, hair shedding accelerates while hair growth simultaneously slows down,” Salon deZEN founder Maria Elizabeth explained. Something as simple as regularly coloring your hair or something as complicated as major stress can damage hair and affect its growth pattern, and unfortunately, you can’t always prevent thinning.

While you should always consult a doctor for treatment options, there are a handful of affordable ways to encourage hair growth and restore fullness at home. Shop TODAY tapped a handful of hair pros to discover all of the ways we can get ahead of hair loss and thinning. From shampoos and serums to leave-in treatments and scalp massagers, these are 11 solutions they swear by.

Hairstylist-recommended products for thinning hair

Rogaine Women’s 5{05995459f63506108ab777298873a64e11d6b9d8e449f5580a59254103ec4a63} Minoxidil Foam for Hair

You’ve likely heard about Rogaine before, and the well-known brand is a household name for a good reason. “It’s a tried-and-true solution to help combat hair loss. The foam penetrates your scalp and targets your hair follicle to reactivate the growth cycle,” Dr. Orit Markowitz, a leading dermatologist and CEO/founder of OptiSkin, told Shop TODAY.

Rogaine is great to use at the early stages of hair thinning and works pretty darn quickly. It’s formulated with 5{05995459f63506108ab777298873a64e11d6b9d8e449f5580a59254103ec4a63} Minoxidil and a mix of botanical extracts and emollients that hydrate your scalp. The best part? The foam format is easy to use and takes just seconds to massage into strands.

Hers Minoxidil Topical Hair Regrowth Solution

A little bit of shedding is normal, but if you seem to be losing more hair than you typically do, Elizabeth recommends using these regrowth drops. “The 2{05995459f63506108ab777298873a64e11d6b9d8e449f5580a59254103ec4a63} Minoxidil in this solution actively promotes hair growth by shedding old hairs and replacing them with new, stronger ones,” she said.

The FDA-approved topical solution comes with a handy dropper applicator and can be applied to your scalp two times a day. “I love that it doesn’t make hair greasy and dries quickly,” Elizabeth raved.

Kevin Murphy Body Mass Leave-In Plumping Treatment

If you do want to give your tresses a boost, Elizabeth loves to spray on a bit of this plumping treatment before styling. “It was uniquely created with eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, which helps strengthen hair while also adding thickness, body and bounce,” she said.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Scalp Treatment

Looking for a quick way to add volume to your locks during your daily routine? This leave-in treatment stimulates strands and encourages denser-looking hair. It’s made with caviar and lends thinning hair some texture while boosting volume and fullness.

“Simply spritz the product on towel-dried tresses and then let it air dry or style per usual. This elegant treatment is formulated with eco-certified ingredients, like caviar, sea silk, bamboo and kendi oil, that are sustainably harvested to protect the environment,” Elizabeth said.

Bondi Boost Hair Growth Shampoo

The journey towards a thicker mane can start in the shower, and this powerful shampoo might just be a great addition to your bath time routine. “It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that revitalize the hair shaft, plus gentle cleansers to help whisk away scalp buildup,” celebrity hairstylist Cheryl Bergamy told Shop TODAY.

The peppermint-scented formula is free of parabens, sulfates and silicones and is gentle enough to use daily. It’s a true multitasker that helps you achieve fuller and softer strands with little to no effort, which is pretty sweet if you ask us.

Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp & Hair Serum

It only takes seconds a day to give your scalp a little TLC, and serums are one of Sabit Hantal‘s favorite ways to do so. The hairstylist and founder of SH Fifth Avenue Salon swears by this scalp and hair serum to strengthen and grow hair fibers.

“This is my favorite product for thinning hair because it literally transforms your hair in a week. It uses wheat protein derivatives to repair the flexibility and elasticity of damaged hair and restores uniformity and smoothness. It makes your hair strong and shiny, while adding substance to thicken it and reduces breakage at the same time,” Hantal said.

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir

“This lightweight leave-in treatment is suitable for all hair types and adds volume to hair using antrel (a proprietary complex), keratin, biotin and zinc,” Bergamy said. The body-boosting treatment leaves limp hair looking thicker and fuller without adding bulk and is part of a larger line of products that also includes dietary supplements.

“Viviscal hair growth supplements have been around for years, and many women swear by the brand!” celebrity hairstylist Stephanie Hobgood said.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Most definitely. Christophe Robin’s sea salt scrub is a hybrid exfoliator and shampoo that tackles buildup while soothing sensitive scalps. Perfect for a range of hair types, the cruelty-free multitasker is known for its powerful formula.

“The ingredients are amazing. Sea salt helps purify scalps by removing residue, while sweet almond oil, hydrates and soothes scalps,” celebrity hairstylist Ayumi Yamamoto said.

T3 Detangle Duo

Combing can be a nerve-racking process when your hair is thinning, but it doesn’t have to be. T3’s two-piece detangling set includes a shower comb and a detangling brush to help you treat your hair with kid gloves.

“Make sure you start combing at the bottom first then gradually detangle it up to the scalp. Then you can go in with the detangling brush. Focus on brushing the scalp to invigorate and stimulate blood flow to the scalp,” Hobgood instructed.

Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel

A microfiber towel won’t give you thicker hair, but it can help you maintain the hair you do have if thinning is a concern. “Using a proper towel to dry your hair is key. This one helps soak up moisture with the least amount of friction,” Hobgood revealed.

Hair is weaker when it’s wet, and this bestseller from Aquis cuts down drying time by 50{05995459f63506108ab777298873a64e11d6b9d8e449f5580a59254103ec4a63}, so your locks are less vulnerable. As an added bonus, it nixes frizz and the hands-free design is pretty convenient!

Comfier Cordless Hair Scalp Massager

According to Yamamoto, exfoliating and stimulating the scalp is important if you’re looking to grow healthy, beautiful hair. “Massaging the head is key, even if you have a dry or oily scalp. When massaging your head with your hands, please be careful not to scratch your scalp with your nails,” the hairstylist told Shop TODAY.

Comfier’s cordless hair/scalp massager has four massage heads with 21 nodes, so you can test it out until you find a technique that suits you. It’s also small and portable, so it won’t take up too much space in your bedside drawer or travel bag.

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