40+ Step Cut hairstyles Women must try In 2023

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Your hairstyle will either make you look like a showstopper or a teen who has sworn not to shampoo her hair for weeks (depending on the vibe you’re going for).

Your job honestly ends once you figure out the hairstyle that fits the shape of your face, much like the glass slipper was made to fit Cinderella. But most salons will give you the basic choices—bob, steps, layers and their variations.

Step cut, undoubtedly, is the one with the biggest audience so let us make sure you know about all the creativity you can put into it to make it your signature hairstyle.

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1. Step Cut For Medium-Length Hair

Step Cut © Shutterstock

Step Cut looks stylish on medium hair. Show off your luscious mane with this awesome hairstyle.

2. Step Cut For Short Hair

Step Cut © Shutterstock

Step cut looks super cute for girls and women with short hair. The steps are closer together, creating a waterfall effect with a smooth transition.

3. V- Step Cut

Step Cut © iStock

This is the perfect blend of the traditional V cut and a step cut. You can add highlights to add some more depth and volume to your hair.

4. Curly Step Cut

Step Cut © Shutterstock

This step cut works amazingly well if you have naturally curly hair or prefer curlyhairstyles. The curls add a lot of bounce and volume to the step cut.

5. Step Cut For Naturally Curly Hair

Step Cut © Shutterstock

If you have naturally curly hair and haven’t had a chance to flaunt it, this is your chance. A step cut works wonders for naturally curly hair, especially if you have tight curls.

6. Side Bunched Step Cut

Step Cut © Shutterstock

If you have shoulder-length hair, this style works best. If you have step-cut hair, bunch it up to one side to create a cute look. You can add highlights or a balayage to add volume and depth.

7. Step Cut for wavy hair

Step Cut © Shutterstock

This hairstyle is what you’ve been waiting for! Adding some breezy waves to your step cut can make a lot of positive difference to the way that your face is framed.

8. Step Cut with Curtain Bangs

Step Cut © Shutterstock

When you have curtain bangs in addition to a step cut, it creates an awesome framing effect. Since curtain bangs are longer than front bangs, you can part your hair in either direction to create longer or shorter bangs.

9. Step Cut with sprinkles of pixie

Step Cut © Shutterstock

Pixie cuts and step cuts have been insanely popular among women and girls. A combination of both is one of the best hairstyles if you have short hair.

10. Boy Cut with steps

Step Cut © iStock

It’s perfect for bringing out your chic, feminine side while sporting a short boy cut. Particularly in this hairstyle, the steps are closer to each other since the hair is very short.

11. Shallow Step Cut

Step Cut © Shutterstock

In this style, the steps are shallow, thus being able to create more steps for a given hair length. This works awesomely if you always prefer tying your hair in a ponytail. Since the lengths of hair vary in the ponytail, your shallow step cut is all the more accentuated.

12. Wispy Step Cut With Bangs

Step Cut © Shutterstock

This haircut is perfect if you don’t want to cut your hair too short but make it lighter. It has small wisps before the steps begin.

13. V Shape Step Cut

Step Cut © Shutterstock

This will make you feel romantic about your hair. This delicate haircut features soft curls. Accentuate it by using dark-shaded highlights.

14. Chocolate Step Cut

Step Cut © Shutterstock

Use different shades of chocolate and mocha to blend the different steps of your haircut for a smooth transition.

15. Shattered Step Cut

Step Cut © Shutterstock

Accentuate your step cut with highlights of the same colour but in different shades. You’ll be amazed by the outcome.

16. Step Cut Featuring Low Lights

Step Cut © Shutterstock

If you are a fan of salt and pepper hair, this is your ultimate choice. Your step cut will accentuate your hair bounce and volume.

17. Streamlined Step Cut

Step Cut © Shutterstock

The steps here are at the lower portion of your hair length. This way, your hair remains thick and longer throughout.

18. Step Cut with Fine Layers at the end

Step Cut © Shutterstock

Highlight your smooth hair texture by adding a few layers to every step of your haircut.

19. Step cut with flipped layers

Step Cut © Shutterstock

This is a good haircut to frame your face. A root fade works best with this hairstyle.

20. Step Cut With Balayage

Step Cut © iStock

A balayage looks awesome with a step cut. It adds volume and texture to your hair.

21. Double Step Cut

Step Cut © iStock

Have two-step cuts instead of one! This adds double the bounce, volume and style to flaunt your mane.

This hairstyle is full of volume, bounce and style. This gives a wild wavy look.

23. Disconnected Step Cut

Step Cut © iStock

This makes the step closer together, thus giving your luscious mane a cascading effect. This is best suited for medium to long hair.

24. Messy Step Cut with Layers

Step Cut © iStock

This is like a 3-dimensional step cut. There are steps throughout the length of your hair.

25. Step Cut Brunette

Step Cut © iStock

Adding a touch of brunette to the tips of your step cut gives an amazing look.

26. Blonde root Step cut

Step Cut © iStock

The blonde shade on the roots will smoothly blend with your natural hair colour, adding more volume and depth to your hair.

27. Deep Curl Step Cut

Step Cut © iStock

This makes your hair look short without cutting your hair short. Your hair will regain its length when you straightenyour hair.

Step Cut © iStock

This balayage on step-cut hair has one lighter shade and one darker shade of the same colour, giving a metallic shine to your hair.

29. Almond Step Cut

Step Cut © iStock

Colouring the tips of your step-cut hair in your favourite shade and showing off your natural hair colour in an almond shape will amp up your style.

30. U-line step cut

Step Cut © iStock

The longest part of your hair will end in a U line, adding a bit of a shape to your hair.

31. Beach waves step cut

Step Cut © iStock

Adding a hint of mild curls to your step-cut hair is going to do wonders! Pair it with your favourite streaks for the best results.

32. Messy Step Cut

Step Cut © iStock

An asymmetric step cut can add some style quotient to your hair. Part it on different sides to get different looks each time.

33. Super sleek step cut

Step Cut © iStock

There is nothing more amazing than having super sleek, shiny, glossy hair styled in a step cut.

34. Thin Step Cut

Step Cut © iStock

The steps are minimal, helping you retain your longest hair length and volume.

35. Step Cut with V layers

Step Cut © iStock

Having slopes between steps can be very stylish, combining the style of step cut and the beauty of V cut.

36. Step cut with Light Ombre

Step Cut © iStock

If you want your style to be confident and daring, this is the best choice yet. Try out ombre streaks with your step cut!

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37. Step cut with a hint of rose and wine

Step Cut © iStock

The best colour combo ever, rose and wine, act as two unique shades that blend beautifully, especially for step-cut hair.

38. Long disconnected step cut

Step Cut © iStock

This works beautifully if you have very long hair. It showcases your natural hair length and volume while adding shape.

39. Haphazard step cut

Step Cut © iStock

This hairstyle is all about being playful yet elegant. It frames your face cutely.

40. Jazz Step Cut

Step Cut © iStock

Straight and sleek hair at the top and curled towards the end makes two styles in one.


Step cut has been an awesome hairstyle for girls and women, but these hairstyles are a must-try. They not only add the style factor to your overall look but also add volume, bounce and body to your hair. You can bid farewell to those tangly bad hair days and have good hair days all day long, every day. Try the trends and let us know which one was your favourite.

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