40+ trending hairstyles for all ladies

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Hair can make or break your look! They are a crucial part of women’s styling and are often experimented with the most.

Sometimes, the traditional styles of the 90s become a sensation, or the dazzling haircuts of actresses take your heart away. From Deepika Padukone to ‘O Haseena Zulfon Wali’ or Janhvi Kapoor, Bollywood can be noticed enjoying multiple hairstyles for a striking look.

2022 was dominated by DIY haircuts and in-home hair treatments. However, forecasters predict that 2023 will bring remarkable retro haircuts to the trend again.

If you too strongly emphasise your hair as self-expression and feel the urge to try the latest trends, then these styles will help you re-invent your image in 2023.

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1. Butterfly Haircut

Woman with the blonde hairstyle © iStock

More than the haircut, tying them properly will help you achieve perfection in this style. Check DIY videos.

2. Short Frizzes

Woman with short curly hairstyle © iStock

Messier hair doesn’t look bad, especially if they are short and coloured. Best if you hate maintaining.

3. Simple, fashionable cut

Beautiful woman with a breathtaking hairstyle © iStock

Gift yourself with a vintage style of mid-length straight hair to elevate your professional and appealing look.

4. Regular curls

Woman with short curly hair © iStock

Short curly hair is great for offices. Apply a serum for a shiny finish and see the magic.

5. Elegant straights

Woman with straight hair © iStock

Willing to get an appealing look but need help figuring out how? Get straight hair!

6. Bottom curls

Gorgeous lady with an incredible hairstyle © iStock

The perfect hairstyle for that unique wedding. It will look great with your lehenga or saree.

7. Disney Princess

Girl in a black top with long hair © iStock

Every admired Disney princess? Then, the stepped long hair can help you to look similar.

8. Perfectly straight and thin

Woman with perfect straight long hair © iStock

Straight-cut and well-maintained hair look sophisticated. A keratin treatment will help you to achieve it.

9. Bigger curls

Model with thick curly hair © iStock

Thick curly hair is not that bad, especially if they are coloured brown.

10. Traditional beehive

Media Alt © Shutterstock

One of the oldest Hollywood styles that are still trending. Best suitable if you love keeping a bun.

11. Professional short haircut

Woman with short hair © Shutterstock

Short bouncy hair looks great. You must have noticed this style in shampoo advertisements.

12. Russian tapered

A woman with a short hairstyle © iStock

Take inspiration from Russians to get this simple doll-like hairstyle.

13. Business hairstyle

Professional woman with short hair © Shutterstock

Are you planning to start a business in 2023? This haircut will help you get noticed in those official meetings.

14. Semi-short fringes

Woman in short hair © iStock

Semi-short hair that goes thinner at the bottom gives you a bold and stylish look.

15. Bouncy finish

Woman with long hair © Shutterstock

Many women dream of having voluminous hair. It is a must-try if you have long hair.

16. Long step cut

Unidentified woman with long hair © Shutterstock

Step cut is a universal style that remains in the trend forever. So, relax and try it whenever you want to.

17. Short hair pony

Woman having a ponytail © Shutterstock

Nothing can beat a decorated ponytail to style for a special occasion.

18. Springy Brown

Woman with bouncy short hairstyle © Shutterstock

Puffed hair fashion will stay, but a newer version will take over.

19. Long and round

Mid-aged woman with long hair © Shutterstock

The perfect style for mid-aged professional women. It’s easy to maintain and looks graceful.

20. Professional cut

Woman with short hair and glasses © Shutterstock

If you are always working and have no time for hair styling, get this haircut.

21. Forever curls

Woman with curly hair © iStock

This style will be great for a beach or pool party.

22. Bouncy long curls

Woman with long curly hair © iStock

Try if you have always admired gettingcurls on your long hair.

23. Frizzed short hairs

Woman with short hair © iStock

Frizzed shorts always help you to keep your cuteness intact and make you look sexier.

24. Thin and round

Woman in breathtaking hairstyle © iStock

Thin from the top but round at the bottom. A universal hairstyle that looks perfect every time on everyone.

25. Straight and round

Lady with straight and round hair © Shutterstock

Short hair can also be bouncy if rounded at the bottom. Adding colours would be the cherry on top.

26. Flat grey

Woman with grey hair © Shutterstock

You don’t have to be regular every time. Define your styling statements by trying something bold.

27. Long and strong

Girl in long coloured hair © iStock

If you have long hair, make them straight and be ready to rock.

28. Simple shorts

A girl with black and grey hair © iStock

The cutest style on this list! The grey colour makes it look more appealing.

29. Pixie cut

Woman in a pixie cut blonde hair © iStock

Are you done managing your long hair? Get this stylish and evergreen pixie cut for a trendy look.

30. Special curls

Woman with a trendy haircut © iStock

Copy this if you love the styles shown in English movies.

31. Natural wig

Woman with loose curly hair © iStock

It’s not compulsory to style and hides your curls every time. Even the open ones look great.

32. Dense brown

Woman with long voluminous hair © iStock

It is an excellent style if you have thick hair, but a little challenging to maintain.

33. Condensed long hairs

Woman with long black hair © iStock

This style goes well with multiple outfits. Get this style if you have no idea about your clothing for an event.

34. Regular mid-length

Woman with short black hair © iStock

Regular yet beautiful hairstyle for thin-faced women.

35. Beautiful cuts

Woman with short black hair © Shutterstock

Do you admire those beautiful Korean actresses? Then try out their favourite hairstyle.

36. Thin bottoms

Woman with shoulder-length hair © Shutterstock

Bouncy at the top but thin at the bottom. A unique and sophisticated style for all ladies.

37. Perfect mid length

Woman with mid-length hair © iStock

Mid-length hairs are strictly according to your personality. Try if they suit you well.

38. Single-sided bounce

Woman with beautiful hair © Shutterstock

Thin from one side but bouncy from the other. A style that is hard to find but will surely elevate your personality.

39. Systematic long

Woman with straight hair © Shutterstock

Best for ladies who don’t like styling a lot.

40. Wavering short

Girl in short rounded hair © Shutterstock

Slightly rounded short hair from the bottom will help you to achieve those popular Chinese styles.

Product to maintain your fabulous hairstyle

Getting your favourite hair done is just the first part. Maintaining them is what you must emphasise. It gets easier when you use the right products. Here are some branded items with positive reviews.

1. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

Red and a black bottle of serum © Amazon

The perfect product to maintain the shine and posture of your straight hair. Provides a professional finish, 48 hrs of frizz-free hair in 80{05995459f63506108ab777298873a64e11d6b9d8e449f5580a59254103ec4a63} humidity, and the benefits of Argan oil and antioxidants.

Get it here

2. WOW Skin Science’s ultimate four kit

Brown bottles and round box © Amazon

This all-in-one styling kit contains everything you need to maintain your hair. It’s free from parabens, sulphates, colour or silicones, which helps to keep your strands healthy.

Get it here

3. Suwidhaa – Neem Comb, Wooden Comb

Wooden combs and green leaves © Amazon

The wider bristles of thiscomb will help you to maintain your hairstyle easily. It is also coated with neem oil extracts and promoted to accelerate hair growth. Also, it nourishes your hair and prevents them from greying.

Get it here

4. Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Range Hair Care Set

Bottle of mama earth haircare products © Amazon

If your hair styling treatment includes heavy use of chemicals, treat them with mama earth’s onion hair care shampoo, conditioner and oil. It will help you in reducing hair fall and promotes smooth hair.

Get it here

5. Havells 1200 W Foldable Hair Dryer

Foldable hair dryer © Amazon

Some hairstyles are impossible to maintain without treating them regularly with hot air. This dryer would be great for those conditions. It gently flows the air in the right direction and allows you to style your hair quickly.

Get it here


Choosing the right hairstyle depending upon trends, lifestyle, and your face cut is essential. It helps you enhance your personality and looks. Especially when attending any special occasion, hair is the first and foremost thing to be noticed by people. So, they have to be perfect!

Most hairstyles look identical, but they have their uniqueness. You must select a style depending on your suitability. You can love a simple one over a complex and more detailed one. It’s alright. Just make sure to be comfortable with your selections.

Along with styling, please focus on taking good care of your hair by incorporating these methods.

We hope you like our suggestions. What are your thoughts about hair styling?

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