5 Ways You’re Putting Your Engagement Ring at Risk This Spring

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Generally recognised as the period of new beginnings, spring is marked by refreshing blooms, pastel hues, and warm temperature outings. It is a time when several select to let go of their winter season anxieties, shifting their mindsets to embrace the contemporary air and seasonal alterations. But even with all the pleasure and exhilaration affiliated with this beautiful time of 12 months, for those who are currently married or engaged, there are a few risk factors to retain in brain as it relates to your engagement ring. 

In accordance to Janie Marshall, head of brand name at Thoroughly clean Origin, an engagement ring is a precious piece of jewellery that ought to be stored harmless each and every year of the year. “At Thoroughly clean Origin, we know just how considerable this piece of jewellery is—a symbol of commitment, shared values, and lifelong like. Numerous of our partners also see it as a relatives heirloom, intended to be treasured and passed down via generations,” she shares. And supplied the relevance associated with these rings, we questioned Marshall to support crack down the top 5 methods you could be placing your engagement ring at danger this spring. Avoid these mistakes to be certain a strain-free and cheerful year.

Meet the Pro

Janie Marshall is the head of brand at Clean Origin, a luxury lab-developed diamond and jewelry firm.


As the indicating goes, “April showers deliver Could bouquets.” But just before heading out to treatment for your new seasonal blooms, you must be mindful of your engagement ring and the threats that arrive with gardening. “Gardening is definitely a risky activity for your engagement ring! Gripping gardening applications tightly can result in injury to the shape, and even carrying gloves doesn’t often help—plus, you may well snag your ring on the cloth,” suggests Marshall. “Although gardening, odds are substantial that you will be on both equally hands and knees in the soil as you operate, and this can cause traces of dirt to get caught in the tiny crevices of your ring, ruining the luster over time.” Nevertheless, even with all this in brain, the resolution is continue to rather easy: Take away your marriage ceremony jewelry ahead of tending to your bouquets.


As the temperatures get started to increase, many men and women frequently find them selves heading to the pool for a springtime swim. For individuals sporting an engagement ring, while, be guaranteed to remove your treasured piece right before acquiring in the drinking water. “Swimming in any kind of drinking water can be harmful to your ring. In swimming pools and warm tubs, chlorine can lead to discoloration to equally the band and the stones, and can also interact with the steel in a harmful way that can probably loosen the prongs. This can make your ring much more susceptible more than time,” Marshall shares.

Additionally, if you plan to head to the beach front, Marshall warns from carrying your engagement ring to any seaside locale. “At the seashore, the sand is just like soil from gardening: It can come across its way into the location and wreak havoc. And exposure to salt water can result in other styles of harm, in particular in particular sorts of metallic, like individuals with better copper percentages these kinds of as rose gold,” she notes. “Plus, you never want to accidentally have a wave clean your ring off your finger, or be making use of tons of sunscreen and other oils or lotions while you have your ring on. For these reasons, I recommend leaving the ring securely at residence on seashore days!”

Spring Cleansing

As earlier stated, spring is a year of new beginnings, a time to clear out the previous and make place for the new. So if you presently have spring cleansing on your to-do list, just be positive to clear away your engagement ring in advance of embarking on this seasonal journey. “I usually suggest using off your ring for spring cleaning,” Marshall advises. “The harsh chemical compounds used in quite a few home cleaners—like window cleaner, bleach, and multi-purpose cleaner—can be extremely harming to the ring, triggering both equally metal and stone discoloration and erosion.” Have confidence in us, the final detail you want to do is problems your ring although attempting to embrace a contemporary commence to the season.


“Climbing could be a disaster in the producing for your engagement ring. Not only is it exceptionally challenging to retrace your techniques if your ring should really tumble off, but the mix of sweat and sunscreen can be hazardous to your ring,” shares Marshall. Thus, irrespective of your unique path and your stage of skills, we encouraged leaving your important piece at home when venturing on a mountaineering excursion.

Marshall also notes, “For people who are additional outdoorsy and getting complicated hikes, wearing rings when scrambling or climbing can also lead to harmful conditions if a thing were being to get caught on your ring or scrape on rocks. Plus, any sweaty activity will increase the opportunity of your rings acquiring free and slipping off.”

Enjoying Sporting activities

Now that the snow has melted and the grass is greener, outdoor activities are generally at a large for the duration of the spring year. With this in mind, Marshall strongly advises against carrying an engagement ring when partaking in sports or other exercise routines. “Given that it is not designed for athletic functions, your ring could get caught on devices or other individuals, producing damage to both of those your ring and whatever it is come into speak to with,” she suggests. “The precious steel of your ring can also have a unfavorable response to sweat, producing further destruction. To continue to keep your ring as pristine as probable, I extremely advocate storing it securely every time you play sporting activities, perform out, or interact in physical action.”

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