50 Fun and flattering shoulder-length haircuts for women for 2022

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The shoulder-length haircuts are the most ideal length of all, falling somewhere between a chin-grazing short bob and long, beachy waves. This short hairstyle, which grazes only the shoulders and collarbone, is well-liked for a reason. Why is that so? It looks good on most people and is relatively easy to style. 

There are some accents, like layers and bangs, that can make your shoulder-length haircuts uniquely you if you’ve chosen them. Layering eliminates any heaviness while introducing more volume and movement, and bangs are the cherry on top, whether you choose long, full curtain fringe or short, wispy bangs. 


Trendy shoulder-length haircuts for women

Choose one of these top shoulder-length haircuts that suits you, and expect plenty of compliments and salon requests to come raking in.

1. Fringed shoulder-length haircuts: Bangs can provide just the right amount of something special to make any length feel brand-new for someone who is used to taking short haircuts. Even more, spunk is added by the choppy layers.

2. Angled bob: An A-line long bob that is gently layered and somewhat shorter in the back can help add volume and lift to thicker, heavier hair. The best part is that you may style this look or leave it unstyled entirely.

3. Breezy shoulder-length haircut: A shoulder-length layered haircuts does wonders for people with loose curls. It emphasizes any inherent bounce or body, and for added flair, you can add shorter face-framing layers.

4. Bardot curtain bangs: When you have these eye-catching bangs, nobody will notice the length of your haircut. When you leave the salon with these, you’ll feel instantly more confident because they are both traditional and cutting-edge. Request cheekbone-skimming thick curtain bangs.

5. Long curly shag: The shag haircut thrives and survives on layers. The stylist’s shaggy hairstyle enhances the natural curls by layering heavily and adding long, wispy bangs.

6. Volume-packed shoulder-length haircuts: These subtle, lightly shoulder-length layered haircuts are spiced up with balayage highlights. Style it up with lazy big-barrel curls, and you’re ready for girls’ night.

7. Shoulder-length layered haircuts with curls: Layers are crucial for kinkier curl patterns to enable your curls to live their greatest, most glamorous lives. By lightening up your curls, layering can increase volume and reduce heaviness.

8. Angled asymmetrical bob: With a sharply separated, collarbone-grazing cut that is slightly longer on one side, you may channel the retro look. In no time, you’ll be reaching for your Old Hollywood red lipstick.

9. Airy short lob: This cut looks wonderful on people with fine or thin hair and can be worn slightly above or below the shoulder, depending on your preference. While giving your hair just the right amount of volume and flow, fewer, longer layers will ensure that it doesn’t look any thinner.

10. Flouncy collarbone shoulder-length haircut: In order to achieve maximum flip, this cut concentrates the layers around the face and crown of the head, which works incredibly well with a deep side part.

11. Shoulder-length hairstyles gazing curls: The most exciting change you can make to a short, curly hair is adding curly bangs. Request that your hairdresser add enough layers from top to bottom to the rest of the cut to incorporate the bangs.

12. Light layered lob: Long layers can offer extra subtle texture if you’re wary of layering. The face-framing pieces have heavy highlights that give them more punch.

13. Grown-out haircuts at shoulder length: To avoid going completely short? Pick a length with plenty of layers that hits just below the collarbones and is transitional. Then, dare to use a bright, coppery color.

14. Textured long bob: With its relaxed, flowy shoulder cut, nobody will think you’re anything less than stylish. Request layers with a focus on face-framing elements.

15. Straight shoulder-length layered haircuts: This hairstyle is elegant and stylish and is sure to turn heads. Although maintaining straight cuts might be challenging, the flair and confidence they provide are well worth it.

16. Sliced bangs and layers: Layers are necessary for structure and lightness in medium hairstyles for straight, thick hair. With this style, you can have many, thinly sliced layers running the length of your hair with simplicity and volume.

17. Medium brown blonde shag: Want a cute do you can easily dress up or down? Go for a wavy lob.

18. Wavy hairstyle with textured ends: Layers are necessary for layers and structure in medium hairstyles for straight, thick hair. You can benefit from the volume and convenience of numerous sliced layers running the length of your hair with this style.

19. Voluminous and layered shoulder-length haircuts: The scalp can become weighed down by thick hair and be difficult to manage. So for those people, a layered haircut becomes a fantastic solution. Layered hair at shoulder length keeps the volume while reducing the extra weight. It appears to be elegant, classy, and properly balanced.

20. Trendy shoulder-length haircuts: The advantages of shoulder-length layered haircuts are the same for people with thin hair as they are for those with thick hair. The appearance of volume is created by short, choppy layers. This effect can be improved by adding some texture, and it will also appear fashionable. Undoubtedly, one of the year’s top shoulder-length hairstyles is this one.

21. Black shoulder-length haircut: Another common hairstyle for women with shoulder-length hair is this one. To add volume, it has minor layers at the top. We fell in love with the straightforward yet stylish hairdo right away.

22. Blonde shoulder-length haircut with curtain bangs: Many people became bored during quarantine, which sparked the inescapable hair experiment that we all secretly desire to conduct but rarely carry out. You are accurate if you assumed bangs. However, a fresh variation of bangs known as curtain bangs became more popular this year. As suggested by the name, these bangs are separated in the middle and drape over your forehead like a curtain. This retro-inspired haircut will continue to be one of the most often worn shoulder-length hairstyles this year.

23. Fancy Flipped Layers: Fancy flipped layers are popular among medium-length hairstyles for thick hair. This asymmetrical hairdo, which features feathers starting from the smallest layers directly above the cheekbones and a sensual side part, is gorgeous, fun, and fashionable all at once. This look will work best for you if you have thicker, straighter hair and an oval-shaped face.

24. Delicate curls: These loose delicate curls are very feminine for a soft, playful look. The curls make you look younger and vibrant.

25. Boho chic chick: These funky waves are bold, and daring, and the thick, multi-level bangs rock this retro-chic look with a fun Bohemian flair. This style is trendy among female celebrities that have chosen shoulder-length haircuts. It gives you a touch of a unique and sassy look.

26. Textured layer: You may accomplish this without having thick hair. It’s one of the haircuts for thin hair with medium length haircuts. Your medium-length hair gains a lot of structure from these disjointed layers. You will seem years younger with this lovely style because to the shorter layers and the crown, as well as the fun and trendy flips. It looks better on blondes or light-colored people.

27. Carefree curls: These playful and whimsical light and airy hairstyles look best on people with naturally curly or wavy hair types. Utilize shampoo and conditioner made specifically for your natural curls, then towel dry to remove moisture. Use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of knots after adding your preferred curling mousse, gel, or other curling product. For optimal curls, scrunch your hair starting at the ends and working your way up. For more volume, turn your diffuser upside down and cradle your curls with low to medium heat. Shake it loose once it has dried, then apply a little holding spray.

28. Sexy and shaggy: For those who adore the ever-popular “rocker-chick” style, this cut is fantastic. It has a jagged edge due to its full, thick shoulder length haircut with bangs and point-cut ends. Brown shadow roots with blonde tips work best with this look. Its ability to transition from short to mid-length hairstyles like this one is another appealing feature.

29. Simply sophisticated: Layers that aren’t too noticeable can help draw attention to your features and head shape. These minute layers create a sleek, tapered style that complements square faces the best. Blow-dry your hair smoothly after using a straightening product. Then, starting at the nape of your neck, add a thermal protectant and flat iron your hair in small portions. This gorgeous effect is given more depth and complexity by adding highlights or lowlights.

30. Shoulder-length haircut with layers: This hairdo’s medium-length layers that encircle the crown enable a bigger top area. Typically, it takes a lot of time and teasing for ladies to acquire this look. Due to your thick hair and this cut, you will also have it naturally. These layers will be highlighted and given subtle partial highlights, giving them a more textural appearance.

31. Shaggy shoulder-length bob: The thick tresses will appear lighter if you style the ends of those stacked locks so that they might stick in different ways. You’ll think your hair is so light and airy after doing that. Women with thicker hair have worn shaggy hairstyles for a while now and happily still do. Such hairstyles are linked to laxness.

32. Fringe shoulder-length haircut: When you first see this hairstyle, you might think it’s too straightforward. It does have one crucial feature, though, which is that your hairstylist can customize it for you. We’re confident that once you recognize it, you won’t ever trade it in for the newest haircut. By the way, a fringe is frequently added to this haircut. Find the one that mixes in well with those loose layers if you decide to give it a try.

33. A-line bob haircut: Indeed, brunettes are more fun! This hairdo will show everyone that you know how to elevate your haircut to a new level. Wear it with effortless, matching black shades. Nothing can go wrong when you have an A-line blunt bob! Additionally, none of your pictures will be overlooked because you look fantastic in all of them! Be inventive!

34. Long bob with highlights: A bob is a traditional style, particularly for medium hair. To add your personal touch, color your outfit in your preferred hues. Select the color technique that will bring out the best in the chosen hues, then use it to complete the alluring long bob with a flawlessly complementary color play. Additionally, never avoid highlights! Since they are free of damage and brassiness, they are not only beautiful but also useful.

35. Straight thick hair: If your hair is thick, smoothing it out will make it seem amazing. You must use a cutting method to make your hair more manageable and flexible for style in order to achieve this. Request that your hair’s edges be sharpened by removing any extra weight from them from your stylist. Allow your blowdryer and round brush to enter once your precision haircut is complete. Lock the style with a cool shot button to give the hair an extremely smooth appearance.

36. Angled layers for medium hair: For any fashionable female, layers are a fun accent that complements every outfit and any style of hair. With the aid of layers, there are two common ways to get the most of your thick hair. The first method emphasizes the volume of your hair while subtly lightening a few strands to give them a respectable structure. The second is intended to soften the texture and make each and every lock appear airy. The initial concept is perfectly realized in this design, which also provides an angled shape that highlights the richness of the thick texture.

37. Layers adding shape: Shape your hair to be attractive all day. The fact is that thick hair is beloved by all hairstylists because it is the ideal foundation for styling experiments. You don’t have to worry about having thin hair if you want to get rid of some weight from your hair and make it completely soft and delicate. With any kind of layering, your hair type looks fantastic while always maintaining its natural volume. Here, light texturizing amplifies the body and gives it a more living appearance.

38. Wavy hair with a middle parting: The stunning pair that we will never be able to resist is made up of waves and highlights. No matter what color your original hair is, highlighting some of the strands with contrasting hues will always be a wonderful option to give your hair a new look. And waves—especially those with a central part—are arguably the best method to display the depth of color because they brighten everything around them.

39. A-line shoulder-length hairstyles: The reason to be proud of your hair is the beautiful silhouette of A-line cuts. It makes sense why so many girls medium-length haircuts since they look gorgeous. One of the best things about it is how simple it is to style because of how manageable the length is. Consequently, achieving thick and textured waves won’t be difficult! Just take a look at the full silhouette the waved asymmetric A-shape haircut creates. Just give it a go.

40. Messy-wavy medium-length haircuts: Although messy styles give thin hair a lot of body, fullness, and movement, there is also a messy method for thick hair. The goal is to style each lock of your medium length haircuts in a different direction by waving it as haphazardly and randomly as you can. You’ll calm down your thick hair in this method, giving it a chic silhouette.

41. Mid-Length hair with swoopy layers: Such layers make your locks seem very soft, light, and shiny – and that’s exactly what you need for a date or a night out. Of course, hair health is crucial for this kind of effect.

42. Shoulder-length layered haircuts medium shag with bangs: It’s astonishing how drastically a fresh hairstyle can change the way you look. While some women opt for stylish and sophisticated haircuts, others favor edgy, bold, and medium-length haircuts with contemporary big bangs that perfectly capture their tough persona.

43. Soft Brown style with highlights: With a beachy style like this choppy bob you can enjoy summer vibes all year long!

44. Shoulder-length hairstyles for Women with Blonde Hair: A hairstyle that grazes the shoulders can easily maintain a gorgeous wavy length and an effortless overall look.

45. Layers and see-through shoulder length haircuts with bangs: Usually, medium-length hair is ideal for making voluminous downs. The effect is amplified by the subtle layers and transparent bangs, which give the hair a more visual sense of depth and texture.

46. Shadow roots and swoopy layers: This hairstyle is a staple for women who wish to make their medium hair seem longer. The layers that appear wind-swept and shadow roots do the trick!

47. Caramel lob with front highlights: Recently, blonde highlights in the front have become very popular and look to be here to stay. Your face is opened up by the curtain bangs, which are popular among Hollywood celebrities, allowing everyone to admire your lovely eyes and grin.

48. Shoulder-length haircut with blunt ends: Perfect for any occasion, medium-length haircuts like this one ooze so much elegance, and the waves add extra dimension and texture to your locks.

49. Choppy wavy hairstyle: This hair is stunning at shoulder length! For a dreamier and more delicate appearance, add shoulder length haircuts with bangs and an off-center part. We also advise using gentle babylights for an absolutely gorgeous makeover.

50. Wavy shoulder-length hair: With this haircut, bring forth your inner bombshell! Depending on your preference, you can go with a solid hue or add highlights. You can get ready for photos by curling your hair for lovely waves.

51. Straight medium hair with side bangs: Medium length haircuts for women can still look flirty; keep things soft with a side-swept fringe.

52. Wavy mid-length hair with balayage: A balayage is a fantastic way to add color to mid-length haircuts. It has the amazing ability to make thicker hair appear lighter and thin hair appear more volumized. How? Only the best hair colorists are aware of the secret to this enchantment.

53. Feathered layers for blonde hair: When feathered layers are added, blonde mid-length hair only looks better. The two universally flattering hairstyles that you should definitely think about are a side part and long shoulder length haircut with bangs!

54. Voluminous Shaggy Lob: When cut with haphazard layers, medium-length hair looks amazing. For instance, this shaggy lob version is a stylish hairstyle that is both tomboyish and charming.

55. Wavy female haircut in warm brown: With this hairdo, you can express your playful side and spread good sentiments. To add more colors to your hair and create a cozier atmosphere, try balayage or sombre.

56. Straight shoulder-length haircut: Feel like your straight hair is getting boring? Jazz it up with a medium length haircuts bob.

57. Disheveled ash blonde shag: Messy medium hairstyles will remain popular. The popularity of platinum and pearl blonde hair colors is also on the rise. To feel like a character in a love story, try this beautiful style!

58. Piece-y midi shag shoulder length haircut with bangs: When it comes to covering off a large forehead, medium-length hairstyles for women with bangs are ideal. For extra depth, use a lighter colour at the tips and a darker tone, such deep brown.

59. Collarbone cut with long bangs: Cute and girly is this undone lob with curtain bangs. It deserves to be listed among the greatest medium-length haircuts that require little maintenance! The haircut itself gives your hair more volume, and the blonde highlights draw attention to and enhance your greatest features.

60. Transformational shoulder-length haircuts: When it comes to your overall appearance, medium-length haircuts can be a powerful tool! Do not be afraid to give in to the impulse to trim a few centimeters off your locks if you feel that you have had enough of lengthy locks.

61. Wavy shoulder-length haircut for Thick Hair: Even while all shoulder-length hairstyles are lovely, they are made even more lovely with unusual accents like waves, highlights, and shoulder length haircut with curtain bangs. Try new things with your locks without fear!

62. Ruffled lob with curtain bangs: The shaggy bob is a stylish hairstyle that would shine in any situation. It is effortlessly cool and has a grunge vibe.

Shoulder-length haircuts come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. From fun and flirty long bob to chic sophisticated looks, shoulder length hairstyles are versatile, universally flattering, and can be tailored as per your requirements. They remain well-liked now just as they did in the 1940s.

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