Bianca Belair & 9 Other Wrestlers With Iconic Hair

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In the world of sports entertainment, a star’s look is one of the most important things that they could have to represent themselves. Of course, there is their personality and athletic ability but if their look could play into that then the stronger their character could be. The look could vary from size to outfit, it could even be something like a mask.

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Something that is easily forgettable though is the star’s hair. It takes a great hairstyle to be iconic enough to remember. If they use that hairstyle to their advantage then it is even more memorable. It needs to be unique and really help define a character. Overall, this WWE and other promotions allow stars to make their hair as iconic as possible.

10 Bianca Belair

Current WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair is the most recent star to have an iconic hairstyle in the ring. Belair’s hair is as stylish as it is dangerous, given the fact that she can use her long braid as a weapon.

Her hair has been part of who she is as a character and has inspired little girls around the world to imitate her style. She is an inspiration and one of the most athletic people on the WWE roster today. Her hair gives her an ironic twist that will be remembered long past her career.

9 Bray Wyatt

While Bray Wyatt was with the WWE, he had supernatural powers and his character was ever-changing. One thing that did not change however was his hairstyle. His long iconic dreadlocks went along with any character adaptation he created.

Wyatt’s size and supernatural abilities made him the closest vision of fear that the WWE universe has seen since the peak of The Undertaker’s career. The dreadlocks gave his character a unique look that was completely believable for a character like his to have.


8 Chris Jericho

In 1999, during a segment with The Rock, Chris Jericho made his first appearance on WWE television. His debut will go down in professional wrestling history as one of the greatest that has ever happened. One of the reasons is because his epic personality and character mixed perfectly with The Rock’s. The other reason is that he appeared with an iconic hairstyle.

The first thing that the fans saw was Jericho’s back turned to the crowd has his hair sat in a pigtail-styled bun. It really defined who Jericho was as a character as he was unique and loud. He is the type of star that makes a difference and his hair showed how different he is.

7 Sensational Sherri

There are very few women who could pull off the hairstyles of her era other than WWE Hall of Famer Sensational Sherri. She is a former Women’s Champion in multiple promotions and she won them all while keeping her hair in iconic puffs.

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She eventually became a manager for stars like Shawn Micheals, Ric Flair, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Now that she was not wrestling as much, she really had the time to perfect her look, making it more than just iconic, but instead sensational.

6 Shotzi Blackheart

Current WWE superstar Shotzi Blackheart made waves with her WWE debut shocking the universe with her bright green hairstyle. She is fairly new to the roster, but her green hair is already making her one of the more unforgettable stars.

The green hair adds to her gothic look, mixed with her tattoos, and fierce make-up. She is one to watch out for because her future is as bright as her hair.

5 Doink The Clown

Speaking of green hair, before Shotzi, Doink the Clown made the green hair color a common theme in the WWE. He was the token clown of the professional wrestling business and came to the ring in clownlike ring gear.

Though his character was meant to be a joke at times, Doink could hang with the top stars of the times. Over time, he has been portrayed by multiple different stars, but even though the person playing the persona would change, the bushy green hair would always stay the same.

4 Sheamus

Multi-time former WWE Champion Sheamus has done a great job at expressing his dominant attitude while rocking a sick mohawk or spiked hair on his head. Sheamus made his debut as an Irish warrior who took no prisoners.

His mohawk is one of the largest hairstyles in modern professional wrestling and really helped him stick out among the rest. He has really branded it to make it his own, and his character will be remembered partially because of it. His spiked hairstyle is more modern but helps add depth to his character.

3 Luna Vachon

When talking about hairstyles, WWE Hall of Famer Luna Vachon had multiple iconic looks for her hair. She was a beastly woman and really took the time to embrace this and use it to make her look scary as can be. At one point she had a crazy high lifted hairstyle that she would soon adapt.

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She then put her hair into long braids that would travel down past her back. From there, she kept the braids but shaved one side of her head. Ultimately, she would end up shaving both sides of her head but keeping the top so it would flow down. Overall it was an iconic look that most women of today would not try to copy.

2 The Road Warriors

Highly considered the best tag team in professional wrestling history, WWE Hall of Famers Road Warriors Hawk and Animal had one of the most unique looks to date. Both men would come to the ring with warrior face paint on, and they had spiked shoulder pads, making them scary-looking men!

Their hairstyles only added to their appeal. Animal had a shaved-down mohawk that would go across the top of his head. Hawk would shave most of his head but would keep a long streak on both sides.

1 Hulk Hogan

Some would argue that Hulk Hogan is the most iconic superstar to ever compete in professional wrestling. Part of his icon look was his flashy red and yellow apparel mixed with his bandana. However, under the bandana was a thinning hairline.

Hogan’s bleach blonde hair has stuck with him throughout his entire career and is very recognizable to the fans. Though he has no hair on the top of his head, it grows perfectly along the sides so Hogan let it grow. He keeps it at a good length but the mixture of a bald head and long sides make this look iconic.

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