Can You Use Your Engagement Rings As A Wedding Band?

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It’s no surprise that there are a whole lot of components to feel about when arranging your engagement or wedding day, and only the rings can be a total planet in their have. One of the major worries with regards to rings is their price tag and this is the cause for the challenge of no matter whether you are authorized to have on the engagement ring as marriage bands?

Engagement Rings As A Wedding Band

To start with, let us chat about what exactly is an engagement ring.


An  engagement rings is a piece of jewellery that can be worn close to the fingers that is gifted to show the wish to get married. Commonly, the steel is created up of gold or platinum and the central stone is generally a diamond.

The important difference in between the engagement ring and the wedding day ring is as follows that you existing the engagement ring to your lover when you propose, whilst marriage ceremony rings will be exchanged at the ceremony of wedding day.

The way that men customarily suggest is when the person is setting up to get married, he purchases an engagement ring, and proposes to the woman with it. If she suggests “yes,” she commences sporting the ring from then from that issue. It’s a way of demonstrating the environment what she’s promised her fiancé.

Guys who don’t acquire an engagement ring, but rather go away a family heirloom for their wives to marry. It could be an outdated engagement ring from their grandmother. Engagement rings are of an outstanding sentimental price and make gals feel at property with the family members. Some may well want to purchase an antique marriage ceremony ring from a jewelry store that is classic.

In normal, females are the only ones to wear rings for engagements. The vast majority of adult males do not dress in them, having said that some may possibly want to don them. Jewelry stores have engagement rings for males, also, but they are normally various from these that ladies wear.

Engagement rings for adult men are like marriage rings. They are obtainable in a variety of shades these kinds of as rose gold which has come to be fairly well-known in latest occasions. Engagement rings for guys can incorporate diamante channels and finishes and carved-in models in different styles and textures.


If you’re even now unsure no matter whether you’re ready to use an engagement ring in your wedding ceremony ceremony The remedy is. The only ingredient that demands to be viewed as is the couple’s own desire. There aren’t any formal pointers. Your lifestyle is yours to live. If you’re just hunting to have on an engagement ring, you are welcome to wear it.

Nevertheless, it is vital to know that partners who desire to adhere with the traditional are very likely to buy two rings, one for the engagement ring , and an supplemental one particular to put on for their wedding ceremony (and technically getting a third ring for the groom as well).

Two-in-just one bridal sets are an choice. They consist of an engagement ring and marriage ring that is set with each other and commonly the identical color. The bridal set is commonplace.

The bride’s wedding day ring doesn’t have to match that of the groom’s if they have distinct preferences for style and color.

We get enthralled with the extravagant  diamond stud earrings that popular persons normally have, but the actuality is distinctive. It’s accurate that it is probable to use any ring that you want to use as an engagement ring. A small stone can suffice as very well as a wholly diverse style of rings.

It is all dependent on the groom and bride’s preferences . There isn’t a right or incorrect remedy. There’s a lot to decide from in the marketplace including diamond rings with a carat to rare and stunning Victorian Era ones.

THE Benefits OF Acquiring ONLY One particular RING

The downside of just a single ring is apparent. A women of all ages would ordinarily want two rings in her hand. But, making use of the engagement ring for marriage rings has its positive aspects.

  1. If you’re just buying 1 ring, you can spend a tiny additional than acquiring two. Instead of spending significantly less for each individual ring individually it is feasible to spend the ring portion of your wedding finances into one engagement ring.
  2. In the occasion that the wedding ceremony pair isn’t accustomed to donning rings and engagement rings, the ring could be a very little uncomfortable on her fingers. It could take some time, and it’s absolutely much more comfy to modify to only one particular ring alternatively of two.
  3. It’s not uncommon that brides lose their marriage ring. It can transpire though cleaning her home or likely at sea or even as she loses pounds (and it comes about frequently thanks to pressure from the pre-nuptials). Why trouble about the two rings when you could just aim on a person?
  4. If the bride likes larger sized rings, an engagement ring as perfectly as a marriage band could acquire up additional place on her finger. If you only get a single ring, you don’t have to be anxious about that.

These are not a lot of reasons Nevertheless, for selected, they could be quite persuasive.

Big difference Involving A Marriage ceremony RING AND Marriage ceremony BAND

Basically, there’s no HTML0. A wedding day band is a different identify for an engagement ring. It’s the ring the marriage couple and bride exchange at the time of the wedding ceremony ceremony. They are symbols of the bond of like and friendship and are believed to be shut in the hearts of both. The time period “ring” can be interchangeable.

A bride’s engagement ring will be worn more than the prime of her wedding day ring. It could be for practical factors – it’s probable that she’ll eliminate the engagement ring every now and each and every now and.

There are some distinctions involving the marriage ceremony rings of males and females. Men typically never want the extreme amount of decorations. The rings they wear are primary metal bands, in the bulk of cases and often have the wedding ceremony day inscribed inside of. Some women like more specifics on their rings, these as a diamond channel set. Also, they are looking to obtain marriage rings which are matched to the engagement ring they are putting on.


As you can see in this photograph The engagement ring can be placed to the remaining of the wrist.

In the instant of proposing, the man places the engagement ring on the finger of the girl’s left hand. It can differ throughout societies, but it is what protocol stipulates.

When the few choose to the water, the wedding ceremony bride places on the 1st ring of her marriage ceremony, then the engagement ring more than it.

There are queries to be asked about whether or not the bride should to don a ring all through your marriage. Fortunately, the bride has the choice the freedom to select whatsoever is greatest, or what is most frequent in her modern society. The bride can go her engagement ring on to her ideal hand, or go away it as it was , and then change the rings pursuing the ceremony.

Like we reported that some shops offer bridal sets, which involve an engagement ring as nicely as a marriage band. This way, the groom can don an engagement ring on the bride initial, and then location the engagement ring on the bride’s wrist at the time of the ceremony. So the bride does not have to alter her marriage ceremony ring later on.


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