Short Hairstyles For Girls To Take Inspirations From Celebs

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Whether it’s a vintage pixie, a classic bob or a sophisticated lob, they’re here to stay and forging forward in 2022. There’s no denying that going short is extra trendy this year if you want to beat the heat, go low-maintenance and avoid those irksome tangles. If you have an attitude that falls anywhere between boho to rebel style, these cheeky hairstyles should top your list of must-have hairdos!

Short Hairstyles For Girls By Celebs

Young girls are always on-the-go, and (let’s accept it) we have no time for elaborate hairdos. While braids, pigtails and buns are cult favourites, sporting them on busy college and workdays is highly impractical and arduous. Looking for a one-stop-shop solution? Yes, you’re thinking what I’m thinking – chop off those locks! But don’t worry, not like you ever imagined.

Today, more than ever, there are innumerable options of hairstyles that cater to and suit all faces. Now, worried about which hairstyle to pick? If you’re ready to make the bold move, check out these cute, uncomplicated short hairstyles before the stylist goes ‘Snap snap’.

1. Yami Gautam’s Scintillating Choppy Bob
2. Gotta Love Sonali Bendre’s Edgy Chic Pixie
3. Back with a Bang like Priyanka Chopra Jonas
4. Show off the Sporty, Short Blunt Lob like Deepika Padukone
5. Sanya Malhotra keeping it Cute and Curly
6. Tahira Kashyap’s Slaying Asymmetrical bob
7. FAQ’s:

Yami Gautam’s Scintillating Choppy Bob

Yami Gautam’s Scintillating Choppy Bob

It’s meant to be messy, lived-in and not too formal. To nail this effortless short choppy bob, make sure you’re ready to put some effort in to get the texture you want. Styling is definitely a breeze because of the cut’s lightness. A short one-length choppy bob, styled with waves is the perfect haircut for fine hair. The clean one-length not only adds weight but also enhances volume and we see Yami flaunt the look so effortlessly. It’s an exceptional choice for girls who want to have their tresses short, but not too short.

Stylist Says – “Use a product that will help define the texture such as a texture spray or a light paste through the ends to have some separation”. Ask your stylist for a warm balayage to compliment the waves.

Gotta Love Sonali Bendre’s Edgy Chic Pixie

Gotta Love Sonali Bendre’s Edgy Chic Pixie

Searching for a shortcut that goes with women of all ages? Behold! I mean get some inspiration from Sonali Bendre, slay and how in this hairstyle. Pixies can contour your face, add density to your mane, and make daily styling easier all at the same time. If the volume is your top priority while choosing a hairstyle for those thinning strands, look no further and go for this root boost, big sexy hair.

Stylist Says – Get a trim every 4-6weeks with this cut, so your hair doesn’t go flat on top. Add bangs or wispy ends for that modern cool element. And, for a more feminine look, go with long side bangs.

Back with a Bang like Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Back with a Bang like Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Babies, baking and bangs seem to be on the unofficial lockdown to-do list and trending now.

Now jumping on the bangs bandwagon is our very own desi girl Priyanka Chopra, who was seen rocking this asymmetrical bob with bangs in the lockdown. Having a big comeback this year, this all-time fashionable hairstyle tailors to all types of hair textures without the hassle of strict maintenance. It’s particularly pleasing for women wanting to spice up that classic bob.

Stylist Says – You can go blunt for more curls and waves. To complement some flares, add highlights. Ask your stylist to adjust the length according to your facial structure and features.

Show off the Sporty, Short Blunt Lob like Deepika Padukone


If you get fretful about chopping those locks but still wish to give that look an edge, this timeless look with a little bit of a modern twist is the way to go! Lobs have undoubtedly been taking over Instagram by storm with the help of celebrities like Deepika Padukone to Selena Gomez sporting the look. But before you go all chop-chop on the hair, you’ll want to decide how much layering you want to get the right frame for your face.

A blunt lob can look super professional and still be pulled up in a ponytail on those lazy, carefree weekends. The lob is the perfect Goldilocks haircut (short, but not too short).

Stylist Says – This cut allows you to go bold with colours with a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep that happy length. Make sure to use a heat protector and keep your hot tools at lower temperatures while styling this cut.

Sanya Malhotra keeping it Cute and Curly

Sanya Malhotra keeping it Cute and Curly

Whether it’s cute curly or a quirky quest, Dangal girl Sanya Malhotra is defying curls and wearing it on her sleeve so beautifully. For decades, celebrities have been straightening those locks and adhering to the one monotonous standard of beauty in terms of hair. That’s changed now and curls are here to stay, thanks to women like Sanya Malhotra, Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu.

Stylist Says – Have your hair cut at least one inch longer than what you want your length to appear to be because with curls your hair coils up naturally and shrinks the length of the hair follicle. The best hairstyle for short curly hair is a lightly layered bob. Adding those light layers will avert it from looking boxy and add more movement to your curls.

Tahira Kashyap’s Slaying Asymmetrical bob

Tahira Kashyap’s Slaying Asymmetrical bob

In Tahira’s words, this ‘Zakir Hussain Hairdo’ is her go-to and clearly, she’s got the right amount of confidence and swag to pull it off.

While asymmetrical bobs may sound a little risky, you’ll likely be surprised by how low-maintenance and striking they can actually be.  With the right cut and products, you’ll find that the asymmetrical bobs are quite wearable and no-hassle. We see the star boast this look, with just a blow-out and letting the cut speak for itself.

Stylist Says – Let your curls/waves do the talking. With short, asymmetrical layers, you’ll be surprised at how bouncy your curls suddenly are, boosting that natural volume further. But don’t forget to invest in a curl cream and a handy blow dryer.


How should I take care of short hair?

Q. How should I take care of short hair?

  • Invest in a bristle brush.
  • Use your fingers to comb out the ends, and brush it less frequently.
  • The golden rule of hair care is – Say no-no to hot tools as much as you can.
  • Tame volume with products.
  • Split ends, the monster that delays hair growth. So regular trims are a must.
  • Finish the hair-wash process, with a cold rinse for the added shine.

How can I grow my short hair faster?

Q. How can I grow my short hair faster?

  • Take Biotin and Collagen supplements – Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase the rate at which the follicle grows. Collagen, on the other hand, is recognized as a potent solution for thickening hair and reducing hair fall.
  • Check your protein intake – your hair follicles are mostly made of protein so make sure to get enough of that in your diet.
  • Indulge in a scalp massage 1-2 times a week using castor and coconut oil.
  • Hold off the heat.
  • Look into Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment (PRP).

How do I style short hair?

Q. How do I style short hair?

  • Play with waves and curls, loose and tight.
  • A top-knot or even a bottom messy knot.
  • A high pigtail.
  • Gel Slick, Push back hairdo.
  • A half ponytail.
  • Just a simple blow-out.

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