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Gerard Ortiz

If there’s one thing that will attract the Internet’s fickle attention, it’s unexpected hair growth treatments. This year’s new wonder cure is rice water. Whether you’re hoping to grow mermaid-length locks or struggling with hair loss, there are now so many ways to increase hair growth. From rosemary oil, hair […]

The ‘Environmental Injustice of Beauty’: The Role That Pressure to Conform Plays In Use of Harmful Hair, Skin Products Among Women of Color

Gerard Ortiz

ATLANTA–Perched in a stylist’s chair at Yaya’s Natural Hair Boutique, Akeyla Peele-Tembong teared up as she recalled how, when she was a college university student, 1 of her professors prompt that she straighten her purely natural hair to boost her possibilities of landing a plum get the job done-review position.  […]

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