The 10 Best Female Anime Hairstyles Of All Time, Ranked

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In anime, hairstyles can reveal a lot about a character. Hairstyles are an essential component of character design. Sometimes, a character’s hair could be the most recognizable part of their overall appearance. There are a plethora of women in anime with unique hairstyles that are stylish and stand out from the rest.

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These hairstyles vary from looks that are appropriate for day-to-day and styles that defy the laws of gravity. Their hair is colored in various shades, ranging from natural to vividly exotic hues. Regardless of style or color, we’d love to give these looks a try in real life.

10 Jessie’s Magenta Hair Is In The Shape Of A Comet’s Tail (Pokemon)

Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie

Jessie from Pokemon is one-half of Team Rocket. Her magenta hair is among various other gravity-defying hairstyles found in anime to create the iconic shape of a comet’s tail behind her.

The only time her hair was ever down in the series was when it got wet, leading the audience to believe that her styling products aren’t necessarily the most enduring. Regardless, this hairstyle is infamously stylish, making Jessie stand out from the other characters in the series.

9 Yoruichi’s Hairstyle Is Chic & Easy To Replicate In Real Life (Bleach)

Yoruichi frowns

Yoruichi is a ninja master and Shinigami from Bleach. When she isn’t in the form of a black cat, she rocks a high ponytail with stylish side-bangs that frame her face.

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In the anime, Yoruichi’s hair is a shade of purple, but it’s a warmer tone. This excellent design choice perfectly complements her golden, cat-like eyes and her skin’s complexion. The hairstyle isn’t excessively maintained, but it’s edgy enough to suit Yoruichi’s stylish wardrobe. This chic hairstyle would also be pretty simple to replicate in real life.

8 Grelle Sutcliff’s Dark Red Hair Is Fitting For Her Reputation (Black Butler)

Grell With A Chainsaw Death Scythe In Black Butler Anime

Other Black Butler characters describe Grelle as a person who is “covered in red.” With her long, dark red hair and the various scarlet hues of her attire, it’s clear to see why she’s earned such a reputation.

Grelle’s hair is one of the most prominent aspects of her appearance, aside from her teeth resembling a shark’s. Her appearance is just as flamboyant as her personality. The dark red hair juxtaposed with her glow-in-the-dark green eyes is one of several eccentric traits of Grelle Sutcliff.

7 Nejire Hado’s Hair Reaches Her Knees (My Hero Academia)

Nejire Hado from My Hero Academia.

Nejire Hado from My Hero Academia has one of the most stylish designs in the show. However, one aspect of her appearance stands out the most: her knee-length periwinkle hair. It’s so long that she can wrap it around herself in her sleep like a cocoon.

In her hero costume, she styles it to have swirls going up on either side of her head, somewhat resembling the spirals of light she creates with her quirk. While it’s unclear how Nejire has the patience to deal with maintaining such long hair, no other character in MHA would be able to pull off such a hairstyle as well as she does.

6 Tatsumaki’s Hair Matches Her Emerald Eyes (One-Punch Man)

Comics One Punch Man Tatsumaki Tornado Powers

Tatsumaki from One-Punch Man makes everybody green with envy because of her stunning emerald eyes and hair. The rest of her design is fairly simplistic, and that’s perfectly fine.

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Sometimes, a standout attribute in a character’s appearance is all they need to be memorable — and Tatsumaki certainly is. As the strongest esper, her green hair and eyes give her a mystical appearance that intrigues fans to want to know more about her. Though achieving such dramatic curls would be difficult in real life, her hairstyle is undeniably one of anime’s best.

5 Nezuko’s Hair Fades From Black To Orange (Demon Slayer)

Nezuko sparkling

Nezuko is Demon Slayer’s most lovable demon. Her cuter appearance sets her apart from the other demons, who tend to have edgier styles. Nezuko has drastically long hair — if she shrinks herself even a bit, it drags on the floor.

Her hair is black and styled into large, separate wavy ridges. Nezuko’s hair fades to orange right at her elbow. Nezuko’s hair was simply black when she was human, and she wore it in a bun. However, becoming a demon aesthetically changes people’s appearances, and Nezuko is no exception.

4 Erza Scarlet’s Red Hair Never Budges On The Battlefield (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail Erza In Battle

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail has long, scarlet-red hair that extends all the way down her back. This would be an effortless style to replicate in real life. It’s a sleek, simple style that could suit just about anybody.

The red hair is an excellent complement to her gear on the battlefield as she fearlessly defeats countless enemies. Somehow, Erza’s hair remains perfectly intact no matter what. Even if she endures several wounds during battle, Erza’s hair will never become disheveled.

3 Usagi’s Hairstyle Has Been Similar Across All Of Her Costume Changes (Sailor Moon)

Usagi Unleashes Her Power In Sailor Moon Crystal

More commonly referred to as Sailor Moon, Usagi has undergone several design changes throughout the series. However, her hairstyle has always remained, essentially, the same.

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Though she’s switched out her hairpieces frequently, Sailor Moon still rocks long, blonde pigtails. Her pigtails have always been a staple for her appearance, no matter what her accessories are. Her pigtails are one of the most memorable aspects of her design. In her hair, she’s worn tiaras, shining red gems, and various other accessories with motifs that fit Sailor Moon‘s aesthetic.

2 Mei Mei’s Braids Are Unconventionally Stylish (Jujutsu Kaisen)

While working as a sorcerer, Mei Mei from Jujutsu Kaisen wears her long, bluish-silver hair in two large braids. One hangs directly in front of her face, while the other hangs behind her. It’s impressive that Mei Mei has enough hair to successfully create two perfectly equal braids to show off from the front and the back.

With her dark red lipstick and edgy style, Mei Mei’s braids are the perfect addition to her attire. Once again, Gege Akutami proves that he’s got quite the knack for character design.

1 Jolyne Cujoh’s Hairstyle Is Intricate & Stylish (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

As the protagonist of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Jolyne has made her mark as one of the most stylish members of the Joestar lineage. As with her predecessors, her appearance was expertly designed by Hirohiko Araki. Jolyne’s hair is every bit a staple to her design as her butterfly motifs are to her aesthetic.

Her hair is layered, with two buns on the back of her head with braids going around them to form a ponytail at the back. The braids are a lighter color than the rest of her hair. Though her hair is green and yellow, the color distortions in the series tend to make it look bluish-purple and fuchsia. Regardless of color, Jolyne’s hair always looks amazing.

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