The Color, Pattern and Texture of Fabrics to Come

Gerard Ortiz

Thursday, January 5, 2023

The cycles of fashion are driven by many wheels, each revolving at its own rate. Slim pulls one way and baggy another, and the same goes for classic versus contemporary, dressed up and dressed down. But ever at the forefront is the fabric of a garment itself. Before it’s given shape it has color, pattern and texture. And so textiles will always serve as a transmission linked to the great fashion engine that drives one cycle to the next.

Other eras have been governed by strict dictators—consider the famous “Think Pink” scene from the Audrey Hepburn classic “Funny Face.” Today you’re free to think whatever you want, which might be violet instead of pink, minimalist one day and maximalist the next, black-and-white solids at night and a kaleidoscope of color and pattern by day—or maybe the other way around.

Inside, you’ll find a fount of textile inspiration to draw on, an eclectic mix of color and pattern capable of expressing every mood and moment for the complex age we live in.

Charming Textile Co., Ltd./BFF Studio, (718) 666-6744,

Cinergy Textiles, Inc., (213) 748-4400,

Confetti Fabrics/KMS Group, (704) 724-2269,

EBI Fabrics Corporation, (213) 765-0900,

Efilan/Fox Fabrics, (310) 991-2115, [email protected]

Elastique Group, [email protected],

Estrema/Fox Fabrics, (310) 991-2115, [email protected]

Giotex Ltd., (212) 564-2000,

Guarisco Fabrics/LK Textiles, (323) 578-4203,

Kalimo, (213) 628-3953,

KBC Fashion/LK Textiles, (323) 578-4203,

Maxvogue/Fox Fabrics, (310) 991-2115, [email protected]

Meho Silk/BFF Studio, (718) 666-6744,

Officina39, [email protected],

Philips-Boyne Corporation, (631) 755-1230,

Polistyle/Fox Fabrics, (310) 991-2115, [email protected]

Robert Kaufman Fabrics, (800) 877-2066,

Solstiss, (212) 719-9194,

Sportek International Inc., (213) 239-6700,

Texollini, (310) 537-3400,

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