30 feather-cut Hairstyles for girls to flaunt In 2023

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Witness “Feathers give you wings” with us.

Many of the popular haircuts we see now are updated versions of long-gone hairstyles.

For instance, one of the most fashionable hairstyles of the 1970s was the feathered haircut.

It was a trendy hairstyle for women in the 70s thanks to Farrah Fawcett.

And like many other trends from the past, the feather haircut is back in 2023 with a bang.

From celebrities like Deepika and Anushka to models like Komal Pandey and Sakshi Sindawani, everyone is flaunting the feathered haircut.

So, why should you stay behind?

Don’t you worry and keep scrolling to get inspired by our list of the latest feather cut hairstyles for women in 2023.

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1. Medium Cut with Light Layers

Medium Cut with Light Layers
© Shutterstock

Do you desire a hairdo that has both softness and edge? The best way to do that is with this step cut. The layers, which produce the feather impression and curve out at the ends while still looking crisp, look great on shoulder-length hair.

2. Feathered Hair With Bangs

Feathered Hair With Bangs
© Shutterstock

Soft and airy, the feathery bangs. This hairstyle is adaptable and widely attractive. It may be altered to fit a person’s facial shape, hair volume, length, and other characteristics.

3. Partially Highlighted Layers

Partially Highlighted Layers
© Amazon

Lighter-toned layers give your face more definition and help frame it. The pale hues give your face a leaner appearance. The layers also give your hair a thick and voluminous appearance.

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4. Feather Cut with Side Bangs

Feather Cut with Side Bangs
© Shutterstock

We all have loved Selena Gomez as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place. And more than that we have adored her cute dressing style and the side bangs she flaunted. The side bang feather cut for long hair was popular then and is even trendy today. Moreover, it gives a voluminous appearance.

5. Voluminous Feather Cut

Voluminous feathers
© Amazon

Long hair is difficult to keep looking healthy and shiny; it takes a lot of work and care. A voluminous feathery haircut is a terrific way to show off beautiful tresses. This jagged cut will give you a stunning yet messy appearance while giving a ton of volume and lustre. The nicest thing about this hairdo is how much weight it takes off and how much mobility it gives your hair.

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6. Wavy Feather Cut

Wavy Feather Cut
© Amazon

Stun your way through feathered layers of wavy black and golden colour. Your face will seem longer because of the top, darker layers. Your face will appear sharper and more chiselled as a result of the feathery layers.

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7. Layered Feather Cut

Layered Feather Cut
© Amazon

If you have straight hair, why not try this fashionable style? One of the most basic yet fashionable and edgy trends is this feathery layered haircut. Its understated appearance and elegance simply accentuate the attractiveness of the face. If you have thick hair, give this look a try; you’ll look stunning with those stacked feathers that fall gently on your shoulders.

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8. Soft Wavy Feather Cut

Soft Wavy Feather Cut
© Shutterstock

If you want to keep your hair manageable, use a wavy feather cut. You don’t need to worry about getting it precisely groomed all the time because a haircut with this texture appears best when it’s somewhat unkempt. While the colour maintains the appearance of light, the feathery layers give the style some edge.

9. Curly Feather Cut

Curly Feather Cut
© Shutterstock

The incredibly fashionable woman in this photo, who has blood-red puckered lips, rocks a rock-chic hairdo with curly feathers and grungy bangs. Here, despite having long hair, she managed to maintain the feathery appearance by leaving the curls on the bottom of the hair. One of the nicest and most popular feather-cut hairstyles that enhances your attractiveness is this one.

10. Medium Bob Feather Cut

Medium Bob Feather Cut
© Shutterstock

This haircut is a gentle feather cut with some highlights added. The feather cut worn by Bob isn’t short, but it does resemble a softer medium bob with some flow toward the front of the forehead. In addition, despite the short length of the hair, this is a very girly style. This feather-cut hairstyle for round features is ideal for the summertime.

11. Feather Cut with Front Bangs

Feather Cut with Front Bangs
© Amazon

What is one thing that will never go out of fashion? Front Bangs. Ever since Karina Kaif flaunted front bands in Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani, this style became evergreen. Girls have been flaunting the front bangs since then and looking adorable. So, if you are planning for a feathered haircut, this is the style you should try. Though if you are apprehensive about this cut, you can always purchase a wig and flaunt it, plus no one will know!

12. Feathers to the Shoulders

Shoulder Feather Haircut
© Shutterstock

Only long hair was an option for the previous feathery hairstyle. But over the years, this timeless haircut has seen several changes. This one enhances definition and makes voluminous hair more manageable for shoulder-length hair.

13. Stacked Bob Feather

Stacked Bob Feather
© Shutterstock

Another good example of a haircut is a stacked bob feather cut for short hair. Even though some bobs are sharp, feathering is a terrific method to soften what could otherwise be a harsh cut. This cut produces a playful appearance with considerable bounce.

14. Curly Bob Feather Cut

Curly Bob Feather Cut
© Shutterstock

Girls are fascinated with curly hair. Now, imagine combining curly wavy hair with a short bob haircut. Sounds cool right? Kangana Ranaut has flaunted her curly hair and feathered bob cut in Rangoon beautifully.

15. Coloured Feather Haircut

Coloured Feather Hair Cut for Long Hair
© Shutterstock

You can also include these medium feathered hairstyles in this group if you enjoy colouring. This conveys all the necessary current sensations and appears trendy and fashionable. If you enjoy colouring or highlighting your hair, this is appropriate. Try this look if you want a fresh, cutting-edge look.

16. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs for Long Hair
© Shutterstock

2021 was a popular year for curtain bangs, and the good news is people still love this haircut. One feature about curtain bangs that has won us over is how simple it is to manage them, especially if you have flat hair. It’s also a fantastic technique to vary your look and create volume without making any major changes to your appearance, like changing your colour or length.

17. Coloured Tips Feather Cut

Coloured Tips Feather Cut
© Amazon

Her hair can be trimmed in extremely shallow layers to give it a distinctive twist. While the top of her hair is straight, the layers’ ends have been delicately fanned outward. Her style is given a young feel by the golden brown highlights at the ends of her hair.

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18. Straight Hair Feather Cut

Straight Hair Feather Cut
© Shutterstock

You can rock this hairstyle even if your hair is poker-straight! Therefore, if you have fine or straight hair, don’t worry since this cut will add bounce and provide the appearance of fuller hair. Your hair will gain much-needed volume with this trim. Additionally, this haircut looks good on all face forms, including round faces.

19. Side Bob Feather Haircut

Side Bob Feather Hair Cut
© Shutterstock

A side bob with a feather cut is shown here. This chic, short feathery hairdo is one of the most popular contemporary looks for ladies right now. This is a must-try style if you’re one of the women who want to radiate sophistication and modernity while also looking like the boss woman.

20. Pixie Feather Haircut

Pixie Feather Haircut
© Shutterstock

This one has the ideal blend of an extremely stylish feathery design with a pixie cut. The lady in this has her hair entirely chopped up in a cute pixie style, but she’s moved past the pretty girl version of it and is now sporting the feathered haircut, and she looks great too!

21. Outward Feathers

Outward Feathers
© Shutterstock

This type of feathery hairstyle has few layers and is done with gentle, well-defined curls at the ends. The strawberry blonde hair colour only enhances the elegance of this cut, making it appear even more streamlined.

22. Long Bob With Bangs

Long Bob With Bangs
© Shutterstock

With a wavy feathered bob that mimics the shape of her jawline, you will look stunning. This medium-length cut and soft fringe hairstyle is vibrant and trendy with irregular lengths, creating an ultra-chic element, so you can wear it pretty much anyplace!

23. Beachy Feather Cut

Beachy Feather Cut
© Shutterstock

The hair is not as messed up in this haircut as it is in the sloppy feathery cut. Instead, it has a wave-like appearance that makes it ideal for a day at the beach.

24. Swirling Layered Feather Haircut

swirling haircut
© Shutterstock

This long feathered bob has an extremely polished appearance. This feathered hairdo is a highly contemporary and new take on the traditional look. The inward curving layers at the end of the feathery side bangs give them a highly stylish and sophisticated appearance.

25. Shag Feathered Haircut

Shag Feathered Haircut
© Shutterstock

Grab attention with this gorgeous feathery shag. With several small, feathery layers and side bangs, it’s simple to get such a flirtatious and feminine style. Additionally, this shaggy cut is properly softened and balanced by a lovely sand brown hair colour.

26. Selena Gomez Haircut

Selena Gomez Haircut
© Shutterstock

This is one of our favourite hairstyles that Selena Gomez has worn throughout the years. To complement the clean, contemporary style, this feathery haircut includes long, side-swept bangs and very soft curls.

27. Blonde Feather Haircut

Blonde Feather Haircut
© Shutterstock

Another straight cut with feathering is seen here. Layering the ends and side bang gives the hair a feathery but choppy appearance. The layers and copper hue contrast beautifully, bringing out the roughness of the cut.

28. Rolled Curly Feather Cut

Rolled Curls with Feather Cut
© Shutterstock

This adorable hairdo is simple to pull off with thick bangs that may be brushed to one side. You’ll use a medium-sized curling iron to produce tiny curls for the feather-cut haircut. To create rolled curls, free them from the hair and draw down on them.

29. Braids With Feather Haircut

Braids with Feather Haircut
© Shutterstock

Your typical haircut might be given some spins and twists by you as well. While certain tactics, like this one, may make you look trendy, they also serve as a positive change from the regular uninspired appearance. A pretty frontal top braid with loose-flowing hair is a good option.

30. Feathered Pixie Cut

This Charlize Theron feather cut for short hair is enough to make anyone go and chop it all off. With this haircut, you can pull off two hair trends at the same time: a pixie with feathering. The feathered cut adds more definition to the otherwise simple pixie.

Feathered Pixie Cut
© iStock


Why are you holding out? Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for a feather cut for your preferred long hair right now! These gorgeous feathery hairstyles will make you stand out from the crowd and inspire many people.

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