9 Hair Trends Hairstylists Say Will Be Everywhere In 2023

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If you’ve been thinking about changing up your look for the new year, your hairstyle just might be the best place to start. Because your hair frames your face, anything you do to it—even the most subtle of changes—is going to be noticed. That level of visibility means you get a lot of bang for your buck if you want to try out a new hair trend.

Of course, some changes are more permanent than others, so you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re getting into with color and cuts in particular. That’s where the pros come in.

Meet Our Experts: Sierra Kener, hairstylist and ambassador for Biotera, Graham Nation, hairstylist and ambassador for SexyHair, Sophie Rose Gutterman, hairstylist and ambassador for All About Curls, David Lopez, celebrity hairstylist and T3 ambassador, Guy Tang, celebrity colorist and founder of #mydentity

With awards season well underway, 90’s and 2000’s throwback styles surging, and enough new hair ideas circulating on TikTok to last a lifetime, hairstylists are honing in on a crop of new color, cut, and styling trends just begging to be tried.

Here, five pros shared what they’re betting on to make it big in 2023 along with tips on how to get the look at home or in a salon.

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If 2022 was all about luminous glass skin, 2023’s shaping up to be the year of glass hair—think ultra shiny, almost wet-looking strands, whether slicked-back or just styled sleek and straight.

“Everyone wants the glass hair,” says hairstylist and Biotera ambassador Sierra Kener. “This year, everyone will be elevating their haircare. Lots have been investing in skin and youthfulness. At times, we forget how healthy hair can make our overall look more fresh and put together.”

Similar to glass skin, moisture is key to nailing this look, and glassy hair is also best achieved from the inside out by nurturing your locks with hydrating products. Kener recommends building a healthy base with regular use of Biotera’s Ultra Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. The care doesn’t stop there though, at least not if you’re looking for your shiniest, glassiest strands “Every time you moisturize your face and body, oil your hair, too,” adds Kener. “It needs lots of love as well—not just in the shower!”

Keep your favorite hair masks on hand for that weekly #selfcaresunday, and don’t be afraid to comb a pump of oil through your locks in the morning and night. For that extra bit of silky smoothness on demand, you can also try a gloss treatment at home or in a salon.

On the whole, hair color underwent a warming trend last year, and these copper, amber, and russet-colored hues are showing no signs of slowing down.

“We’re going to continue to see warm tones in hair—warm highlights, bronde, copper tones, and ‘natural redhead,’” says stylist Graham Nation, an ambassador for SexyHair. “When picking out the right hair color, much like makeup, it’s dependent on your skin tone and if you can handle certain reds. Most warm tones are great on all skin tones, but some reds might not be universal.”

The upshot here? Kendall Jenner may have gone a coppery crimson last year, but you should ask your stylist what shade would work best with your skin’s undertones for best results. Still, inspiration images are always great to have on hand at a hair appointment, especially if you’re looking to make a big color change. Need some celebrity examples to bring to your stylist for direction here?

“Hailey Bieber, Maddie Ziegler, and Emma Chamberlain have all ventured to the dark side and played with warm tones,” says Nation.

If you’ve been fighting your mane’s natural volume or texture, it’s time to embrace both and work with—not against—them. “Big hair is going to be this year’s thing!” says stylist Sophie Rose Gutterman, an ambassador for All About Curls. “So many women are embracing their natural texture, and it screams freedom and power!”

Whether you have super-tight coils, looser waves, or somewhere in between, Gutterman says this look is all about applying a product that’ll provide some frizz control, then diffusing your wet strands and just going for the natural look.

“My go-to has been the High Definition Gel from All About Curls because it lets my hair be big and defined while still controlling the unwanted frizz,” she says.

“Blunt haircuts are making a huge comeback, and I think this is hugely attributed to the healthy hair movement we’re seeing in hair color trends,” says Nation. “Darker/warmer hair will always appear ‘healthier,’ so people have been ditching overly piecey hair to make ends more blunt and growing out layers.”

Gutterman agrees and actually is doubling down on the blunt trend with specificity about length. “The short blunt bob is taking over the fashion world,” she says. “We saw Kourtney Kardashian and Lori Harvey go for the big chop, and they are killing it! This look can be seen on red carpets styled straight and still turn the same heads as an updo.”

A blunt bob or longer straight cut is about as close to a one-cut-fits-all kind of style as you can find. Curly or straight hair—or thick or thin—anyone can rock this look. That being said, blunt cuts are especially useful for fine-haired folks looking to fake some fullness.

“This look is pretty universal, and it makes thin hair look a little more full at the ends,” says Kener. “If you have thicker hair, have your stylist take some weight out but keep the perimeter stronger and full still.” This (or some very soft layers or light texture) will help thicker hair look blunt but not too heavy or “Cousin It”-like, as Nation puts it. “Anya Taylor-Joy, Jessica Chastain, Khloe Kardashian, and Nicola Peltz Beckham are all wearing heavier blunt haircuts lately, and I’m here for it,” he says.

Ever wish you could spend less time sitting in the salon chair getting your tresses painted—or just be a little…well…lazier about touching up your color? Then you’ll want to know more about this next trend.

Gutterman thinks low-maintenance color, or “hair color that grows out naturally and feels like it could be your color,” is only going to get even more popular for 2023. “This gives women more time in between appointments, making it easier to maintain,” says Gutterman. “Sun-kissed natural color can be seen on tons of celebs, but you probably didn’t pay too much attention because it looks so natural!”

Celeb hairstylist David Lopez, who works as an ambassador for T3, is seeing clients, celebs, friends, and TikTokers alike all embracing lower-key color, too. “A lot of people are moving away from high-maintenance hair color,” says Lopez. “People who have traditionally had this medium-brown hair color that typically go to highlights, like Hailey Bieber, are really embracing that darker look again. Lots of people who have been going blonde but notice their hair is breaking and want it to be healthy will go to a lower-maintenance color in an effort to have healthier hair.”

Lopez says darker shades can be universally-flattering, work for all hair types, and actually help you play up and contour your unique facial features. “I think sometimes people forget that hair frames your face, and sometimes when you have a deeper hair color, it frames your face more,” he says.


Buns of All Shapes and Sizes

From 1960s-style chignons to Y2K-inspired spiky top knots, high buns are expected to be the “it” hairstyle of 2023. “We’re going to see our ‘glam girls’ leaning into their inner 1960s finger wave fringe and structured buns,” says Nation. “For our ‘cool girls,’ we’re going to see the early 2000’s buns—not messy but messy.”

Whether you like your hairstyles tighter and polished or a little looser and undone, you’ll find plenty of bun tutorials out there to try. “A tool that will help with the more Y2K -inspired looks, which are smooth and spiky, is the T3 Smooth ID flat iron,” says Lopez.

To add a little extra decorative oomph, find an accessory that matches the vibe of your updo. Butterfly clips work for a Y2K look, while a slicked-back, #snatchedbun would look pretty dressed up with pearl-encrusted hairpins or a minimalist claw clip.


Barbie Blonde (and Pink!)

The beachy blonde highlights you remember from steaming Laguna Beach reruns might not be popping off anymore, but that doesn’t mean blonde hair isn’t going to have its moment in the sun for 2023. With the rise of Barbiecore and the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie—starring literal golden girl Margot Robbie in the titular role—blonde hair will be back in the spotlight but experiencing a total white out, as platinum shades take center stage.

“Platinum will be very high-maintenance and suggested for clients with lighter natural color,” says Kener. “Lightening does dry the hair out, so it requires a lot of at-home care.”

If you find yourself tiring of your snowy white locks, there’s a micro-trend that can perk dull blonde locks up: a hint of pink. “Rose blonde hues will be popular this spring, especially for those who already have blonde hair,” says celebrity colorist Guy Tang, creator of the #mydentity hair brand. “Rose is a non-committal shade that is super-fun but also subtle.”

If you are already blonde, Tang says you can get a rosy tint at-home with his #MyRefresh Rose Gold color depositing conditioner, or you can go with something demi-permanent at the salon.

As popular as blunt cuts are going to be, layers aren’t going anywhere either. “I love layers because you can customize them to contour the facial structure,” says Tang. “A layered haircut can be tailored to anyone but is best for those with medium to thick density hair. “

Certain styles that enhance layers will surge in popularity as well. “I’m thinking iron waves will be a big styling trend this year,” says Tang. “It will enhance the layered cuts by adding movement to the hair.” He suggests using a medium barrel curling iron to create waves. “These types of waves work for anyone with chin length hair and longer,” says Tang. “Use a heat protection spray to protect the hair and hold your style, like #mydentity #MyDefender Heat Spray.”

If you’re not looking to go super-short with your hairstyle, don’t worry. Longer lengths will be just as hot for 2023—but it’s not the mermaid-esque, small-of-the-back grazing tresses that have dominated for the past few years. Instead, Lopez says longer hair is landing somewhere in the middle.

“We’re seeing a lot of mid-length haircuts, just below the collar bone but before it gets to the boobs,” says Lopez. “It’s very easy to maintain and very much giving “I haven’t had a haircut, and I used to have a bob three years ago,’ but it looks great, and I love that kind of look with a lot of soft layers.”

Danielle Blundell is a New York City-based lifestyle writer and editor who has written on topics ranging from home to health for a variety of publications including Rachael Ray Every Day, Redbook, Family Circle, This Old House, Elle Decor, Esquire, Domino, and Apartment Therapy.

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