Andie MacDowell shows what we can all learn about beauty and age from the gray hair movement

Gerard Ortiz

For several, even those people that proudly wave the flag of self-really like, the sight of that to start with grey hair is nervousness inducing. That one strand is a harbinger of the doom of our youth. Additional than a single, and you may possibly as well weave them together to develop yourself a noose. It is time to kiss your beauty—and hence, your value—goodbye.

But what if, rather of marking the conclude of our glory times, we could see this transform as a new chapter with equally wonderful reveals? Anything worthy of presenting, fairly than hiding?

Again in July 2021, actress Andie MacDowell built headlines for rocking the silver vixen search at the Cannes Film Competition. MacDowell’s hair has normally been a defining feature, but formerly she experienced been coloring her raven locks to sustain her signature glance. This was at the behest of her professionals, according to an interview with Vogue.

But immediately after her youngsters formally declared the salt-and-pepper glance was “badass,” MacDowell started off to see heading natural as a “power go.” So she adopted the impulse, and you really don’t need me to notify you it was a little bit of a social media sensation.

MacDowell reflected on how freeing the expertise was in a conversation with Interview Journal. “I come to feel greater like this. Honestly, it is exhausting to have to be some thing that you no longer are…I was finally like, ‘You know what? I’m not youthful. And I’m Ok with that..I come to feel so considerably far more comfy. It’s like I’ve taken a mask off or a thing.”’

Is not this a struggle so several of us struggle? As an alternative of basking in how considerably we’ve arrive, we commit so a lot effort seeking to wind back the clock. And in all the rigamarole of making an attempt to hold off the unavoidable, we forget about that growing older is a superb gift. 1 which is not certain.

Even when we use conditions like “embrace the gray,” there’s this connotation that aging is this terrifying tidal wave that we simply require to bolster ourselves for. Where’s the grace in that? I signify, indeed, as the close of lifetime methods, it is scary to consider about the impending unfamiliar. But the system of obtaining there? Maybe not so significantly.

In the very same post, MacDowell reflected that she, way too, “hates the phrase ’embrace,’ mainly because it normally appears like you’re acquiring to accept one thing, and I never feel like that.” I appreciate this viewpoint. Take it? Why not benefit it? Let us occur again to the authentic indicating of the phrase … and welcome it warmly.

MacDowell ongoing “We do have a thing distinctive to offer. You can’t be young permanently, but you can usually be regarded lovely, fashionable, and glamorous.”

The cynical voice in your head might say, “sure simple for anyone who’s previously glamorous to say that.” But MacDowell isn’t the only a person who created this discovery. Tons of “real” women of all ages have had the similar revelation.

Once the pandemic brought about salons across the place to shut down (coupled with key pay out cuts and work losses), a surge of women selected to halt coloring their hair. But—as with a lot of lifetime elements impacted by COVID-19—what started out as a compelled restriction grew to become an possibility for reinvention. In ditching the hair dye, several females identified that their silver strands were being not only tolerable, they had been empowering.

Now you could even say gray hair is “in” and making a comeback tour. And have confidence in, these dames are definitely glamorous. This is not just an experience for A-listers.

Of study course, this motion is not just about aesthetics. There is a bigger strategy here. It’s no key that our society has some deep-seated stigmas when it arrives to growing older, for girls in distinct. We place a large value on those people “30 Underneath 30” lists, look for out the strongest retinol to erase all indications of daily life and stand mouth agape in horror at the to start with mention of the word “ma’am.” But it does not have to be that way. All chapters of everyday living are important, and worthy of celebrating.

I’m a business believer that glamor is only a outcome of confidence. And as we improve more mature, we only come to be more dynamic, far more nuanced, much more fascinating. If that is not a self confidence booster, I really don’t know what is.

Likely grey will not be the response for all people. I undoubtedly do not approach on buying and selling in my signature purple whenever shortly. But the authentic connect with to experience is: How can you truly feel great about yourself at just about every phase of lifetime? How can you throw away the (bogus) notion that you somehow reduce your glow with every single passing calendar year?

As the indicating goes, “beauty is truth of the matter, real truth elegance.” I feel we can actually see that in tales like these. To age gracefully is to age fearlessly. Radical self-acceptance is magnificent.

This post at first appeared on 02.25.22

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