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Gerard Ortiz

The Luv Doc: Bad Haircut

Expensive Luv Doc,

My girlfriend got a haircut that I cannot stand. It is way far too small. She explained to me she was likely to get it lower shorter, but this haircut seems to be like something a 10-year-outdated boy would get at Supercuts. The problem is that she loves it. At any time due to the fact she got it she has been telling everybody how significantly she enjoys it because it can be excellent for the summer months and she doesn’t have hair caught to her confront or her neck when she receives sweaty, but it just appears awful. I am frightened to notify her due to the fact for some reason she is insecure about her appears, but I also adore her and want her to appear her greatest. What do I do?

– Hair Hater


Almost nothing! You do almost nothing. Your girlfriend loves her hair and, by her own admission, “it’s fantastic for the summer time,” so it seems to me like she considers it to be a seasonal haircut. Who is aware? In the slide she may well consider it down to a full G.I. Jane. If you’re not familiar with G.I. Jane it was a Nineties film starring Rumer Willis’ mom – or if you are genuinely aged, you may acknowledge her as Ashton Kutcher’s initially wife, but that was a extensive time ago, just before Ashton became destitute from investing in crypto. In any case, G.I. Jane is a film about a lady named Jane who has gastrointestinal problems. Wait, no, keep on … let me read the Wikipedia … correction … G.I. Jane was the punchline of an off-the-cuff, extensively mediocre joke that bought Chris Rock slapped by Jaden Smith’s dad at the Oscars. I assume the takeaway is that Chris Rock ought to generate far better jokes on his cuff. Hold out, no … scratch that … the takeaway is that gentlemen are seriously delicate about women’s hair.

That’s form of ironic when you contemplate the reality that by the age of 35, somewhere around 40{05995459f63506108ab777298873a64e11d6b9d8e449f5580a59254103ec4a63} of adult men will start off to experience alopecia (which is what journalists simply call hair reduction when they’re referring to Jaden Smith’s mother). By the age of 60, practically 65{05995459f63506108ab777298873a64e11d6b9d8e449f5580a59254103ec4a63} of adult males will have alopecia, and by the age of 80, that selection goes up to who-presents-a-fuck because at 80, a man’s sexiest attribute is his individuality. Not so for girls. Why? Simply because men are seriously sensitive about women’s hair. Looking at a sample listed here? Of course, it truly is a male sample, and indeed, I like to beat a lifeless horse … preferably until finally all its hair falls out and it looks like some sort of extended-nosed inland manatee. Even at 80, women are even now spending money to get their hairs did. Adult males, on the other hand, just toss on a fishing cap and a Hawaiian shirt. Why a Hawaiian shirt? For the reason that it hides the stains from dropped meals and the colourful flora attracts the eye absent from what at finest could be explained as a extremely compromised epidermis.

So, even though I can empathize to some degree with your sincere worry for your girlfriend’s seems, I believe it is significant that you understand to start with and foremost that your worry is not purely altruistic. There is extremely probably some male moi blended in as properly. I get it. I know you want to be Will-Smith-Chris-slapping proud of your woman’s do, but it ain’t about you. It is really about her, and from the place I am sitting down she appears to be very happy about her new seem. Perhaps you ought to sit with your inner thoughts for a little bit – say right up until November – and then reassess the long-time period outcome of her new type. Just after all, haircuts arrive and go, but like lasts … effectively, from time to time nearly as lengthy as the ache and embarrassment of possessing your haircut criticized. So, in my belief, this is possibly one particular of individuals ideas you should keep in your head until finally you can find no hair on it.

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