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The other working day my spouse confirmed me a gnarly swelling on her ring finger. She has one thing identified as continual allergic speak to dermatitis, a extravagant phrase for an itchy rash. The platinum marriage band with her engagement ring at times would make the fourth digit convert into a screaming and stinging monster of discomfort. On the good aspect, that pesky ring a short while ago conjured vibrant recollections from extra than 30 years ago. 

Kathia and I dated for numerous years as a result of large university, faculty, and skilled faculties. I had no disposable money and worked a number of odd jobs for a couple of many years till I could get a carat sized diamond. When I started to review diamonds, I realized all about quality, shade and cut, and given that this was ahead of the internet, I drove to jewellery shops to get educated. The moment I recognized I could not manage what I desired as a result of a retailer, my brother-in-law gave me a cellphone range for a person who realized a dude who dealt in “wholesale” diamonds.

 I called the unlisted range and was instructed to travel to a particular jewellery retail store on State Avenue in downtown Jackson. I walked in the retail store at the allotted time and informed the salesperson I desired to meet the wholesale seller. Like a thing out of a movie, a mustached dude with an accent stepped out from the back of the keep putting on a trench coat which he promptly opened to expose envelopes of Israeli stones direct from abroad. At minimum which is what he claimed. He poured them on the table, only following locking the entrance door to the retail outlet, and pulled out his magnifier to start off the procedure of examining his top secret stash. He touted his solution as the highest good quality which only a find couple could purchase. He was pouring it on, and I was consuming it down. 

Intellect you, this was a cash only transaction, and the salesperson experienced disappeared when “trench coat man” entered. This mysterious individual spoke in a very low and hushed tone, leading to me to whisper, which I in no way seriously understood. I had a very good manage on diamonds by that stage, and confident enough, I observed 1 that would have fetched at minimum two times on the retail sector. Of class, I still went above my funds and had to run to the closest ATM to get funds and full the deal. I don’t forget the person warning me to preserve a lookout (not sure for whom) and to return no later on than 20 minutes. There was no receipt, as you may possibly imagine, so there was no probability for returning my buy. I was informed to wait around a couple minutes soon after shadowy man left right before I could depart the store. By that place, I was thinking that this transaction was not solely kosher. Anyway, I managed to get the diamond I needed for a selling price I could pay out, and my spouse to this day (32 yrs afterwards) wears the diamond on her sometimes crusty and inflamed finger. 

That marriage ring definitely has an intriguing backstory. From Israel (supposedly) to Jackson to my pretty bride’s finger, with a sketchy man in concerning, that stone discovered its property in Hattiesburg. Meanwhile, if you know a great corticosteroid ointment that can cease incessant scratching, remember to let us know.

Clark Hicks is a attorney who lives in Hattiesburg.  His e mail is [email protected].  

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